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Maricopa County Recorder reportedly had his office staff compose news of his personal defamation lawsuit against Kari Lake | The Gateway expert




Maricopa County Recorder reportedly had his office staff compose news of his personal defamation lawsuit against Kari Lake |  The Gateway expert
Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer (left) Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates (right)
By Matthew Casey/KJZZ

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, the dirty RINO who sued Kari Lake for defamation, backed by Soros and Obama’s far-left henchmen Protect democracy who seeks to silence all election critics on the right has come under fire for allegedly using staff and public resources to gather media content and likely evidence related to his lawsuit against Kari Lake.

This can also be seen as an attempt to influence Kari Lake’s election and prevent a political opponent from using public resources. Although Richer claims to be a Republican, he has made it his goal to prevent people like Kari Lake from getting elected.

Richer, who oversaw early voting in Lake’s stolen 2022 election for governor, founded and operated the Pro-Democratic Republicans PAC, a dark money PAC aimed at eliminating candidates with a MAGA agenda. It was later revealed that Richer’s office conspired with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to censor information they disagreed with surrounding Maricopa County elections, explicitly citing The Gateway Pundit’s reporting.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake recently pleaded no contest in the defamation case, which is backed by a Soros-affiliated nonprofit, so she could focus on her campaign against Soros-funded Democrat Ruben Gallego.

A Closer Look: Kari Lake Didn’t Admit She Defamed RINO Election Official Stephen Richer in a Defamation Case, She Outsmarted the Soros Thugs: “My Words Are True, But How Did They Hurt You?” (VIDEO)

The latest stunt is nothing new for Stephen Richer.

Richer previously came under fire for possibly breaking the law and using his office for political gain to stop an election integrity measure that would have prevented fake mail-in ballots from being counted.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Richer was charged in a complaint to former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich of illegally using his office and public resources to campaign against the 2022 ballot initiative, Proposition 309, which would have universal electors. -ID requirements for all voters. to vote.

Proposition 309, called the Arizonans for Voter ID Act, would have required all voters to have proof of registration regardless of how, when or where their vote was cast, including if they voted by mail. This is a common sense measure to protect elections, but Richer lobbied against this ballot initiative and reportedly published a document written by a County employee during work hours, in contrast to the County website, which appears to be illegal according to the Arizona laws that prohibit the use of public funds to influence elections.

The ballot initiative failed to pass by less than one percent last election cycle, with 60% of voting machines failing on Election Day and severely disenfranchising Republican voters.

Similarly, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs recently came under fire after it was discovered that her office may have broken the law by using public resources to advance her political career and influence the election in early 2019, immediately after she the Secretary of State’s office had entered. As public records show, an employee of the Secretary of State’s office used government funds to get a blue “verified” check mark for Katie Hobbs’ personal Twitter page and campaign Twitter.

An Arizona legal expert told The Gateway Pundit: “At the time, this privilege was only available under very specific circumstances and, based on Twitter’s response, was not immediately available to her, which could have violated the law. ARS 38-504(C)“, said the lawyer. This was the same Twitter account Hobbs used in 2017 to call Trump supporters “neo-Nazis” and for her political campaign in the last election.

AZ Free news reports,

Public records showed that Maricopa County Recorder staff writer Stephen Richer directed staff to compile articles and online content related to his personal defamation lawsuit against Kari Lake — Senate candidate and 2022 gubernatorial candidate — and subjects of personal political interest.

Richer also instructed staff to print out his favorite articles and pieces of online content from these lengthy daily news compilations and organize them in a folder. Richer admitted in an email obtained from public records that putting together this daily content collection assignment took a “significant amount of time” for staff.

Richer filed a defamation lawsuit against Lake last June over her claims that he improperly administered the 2022 election. Lake unsuccessfully petitioned to dismiss his lawsuit; her petition was refused earlier this month.

Records show that Richer has regularly assigned staff to monitor a wide variety of media reports and other online content on topics of personal political interest to Richer, which are not related to the legal duties of the notary’s office. This included coverage of other elected officials in Arizona and across the country; the political landscape for the 2024 elections; the charges against former President Donald Trump; developments in the field of social media; and updates on various government policies.

Some news and online content collected by employees focused on legal challenges to freedom of expression.

According to AZ Free News, Richer’s office responded to a request for comment with a statement saying, “Providing leadership with news clips related to the office and current events is a standard practice. It has been a practice of this office for the past three years and was originally implemented by staff from the office of former Senator McSally, where it was a standard practice, who joined the Recorder’s Office in January 2021… Recorder Richer appreciates news and being aware of developments within our state and regarding our legal responsibilities.”

However, they did not respond to additional questions about what content was collected and used in Richer’s defamation lawsuit and why staff were tasked with collecting content about Richer’s personal lawsuit and political topics unrelated to the Recorder’s office.