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Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Fox News, accuses network of trying to ‘kill’ Tucker Carlson




Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Fox News, accuses network of trying to 'kill' Tucker Carlson

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene released Fox news in an unhinged tirade in which she accused the network of “wanting to control what Republicans think” has learned.

The Georgia lawmaker didn’t hold back when she made an appearance on ex-Trump aide Steve Bannon‘S War room podcast on Friday.

During the interview, Greene berated House Speaker Mike Johnsonwho tried to depose them earlier this week.

The congressman — who plans to press ahead with her plan to impeach Johnson despite Congress rejecting her motion — accused Fox News of deliberately refusing to cover her for calling a motion to evict.

Greene and Bannon agreed that the network should have been disrupted The five to cover the news on Capitol Hill. The congresswoman then claimed that the network wants to “control” Republican voters as she dismissed their decision to fire Tucker Carlson.

“So you have to remember Fox News literally fired Tucker Carlson, the number one cable television news anchor in the country. Tucker, who was basically the voice of everyone, that’s Fox News that refused to cover me call the motion to leaveGreene told Bannon.

The five they never switched, they never changed, never went to something else. Fox News wants to control what Republican voters think and the control and information they give you is the vision of the establishment Republican Party,” Greene added.

Greene then claimed that Fox News wanted to “infuriate” viewers.

“This is the same Fox News that wants to make you angry every day while the Republicans go to the border, drag the stage again and point out, oh look. Look. They cross the border. Oh my God. But hey, the Republicans aren’t doing anything to actually stop it.

The congressman then made a wild accusation that the network was willing to go as far as Carlson’s murder.

“Fox News wants to make sure that you don’t have your own opinions, that you only have the opinions that Fox News says you have, and that’s why Fox News is attacking Steve Bannon,” Greene alleged.

“That’s why Fox News is attacking Charlie Kirk, and that’s why Fox News would like to kill Tucker Carlson, and that’s the reality. And that’s why Fox News is losing viewers, because I think you guys are smart. The American people are too smart and you’re tired of it indignation is fueled TV – outrage TV and watching and voting and donating to Republicans who don’t do a damn thing about it.”