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Melissa McCarthy defends ‘inspirational’ Meghan Markle



Melissa McCarthy defends 'inspirational' Meghan Markle

Melissa McCarthy, Meghan Markle. Getty Images (2)

Melissa McCarthy won’t stand for it Meghan Markle naysayers.

The actress, 53, defended the Duchess of Sussex, 42, from those who felt ‘threatened’ by her, saying she doesn’t understand how someone so ‘amazing’ and ‘inspiring’ could receive such hate.

“I feel bad for every woman and every person that people just want to attack for no reason,” she said Page six at the Broadway opening of “Suffs” on Thursday, April 18. “A smart, interesting woman who has her own life for some reason is incredibly threatening to some people.”

McCarthy, who showed off her friendship with Markle at the Suits alum’s 40th birthday celebration in August 2021, added that the duchess is “amazing.”

She said: “I always think, ‘How inspiring!’ I’ve never been threatened by anyone great. I just think, ‘How inspiring.’ So it really depends on the people who spread the hate.”

“Strong women are amazing,” she concluded.

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McCarthy had tea with Markle on her 40th birthday to help launch the former actress’s 40×40 mentorship program for women returning to the workforce after the pandemic. The ladies joked with each other as a fascinator-clad McCarthy poked fun at Markle’s royal status.

However, despite her playfulness, Markle has received criticism after criticism since her relationship with Prince Harry first came to light in 2016. During their courtship, engagement and wedding, the Duchess faced a lot of public criticism for everything from her race to her fashion and even her pregnancies with son Archie, 4, and daughter Lilibet, 2 .

“It’s really interesting because I can think about it – I’m keeping my distance from it at the moment just for my own well-being – but most of the bullying and abuse I experienced on social media and online happened when I was pregnant with Archie and Lili, and a newborn baby each,” Markle explained during the Opening Day Keynote Panel at SXSW in March. “Just think about that and really ask yourself why people would be so hateful. It’s not catty, it’s cruel. And why you would do that, especially if you’re pregnant, with a newborn, we all know as mothers: it’s such a tender and sacred time.

Markle added that she finds it “disturbing” that “much of the hate is women spewing it entirely at other women” on social media platforms. The sites, she said, encourage people “to create pages where they can post very, very inflammatory comments and conspiracy theories that can have a hugely negative effect on someone’s mental health and on their physical safety.”

Markle opened up more about her experiences under scrutiny as a public figure in her and Harry’s 2022 Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, which detailed their departure from the royal family. She claimed Buckingham Palace did not do enough to challenge the negative headlines printed about her, saying: “I wasn’t just thrown to the wolves, I was fed to the wolves.”

She also said that “the truth didn’t matter, the clickbait did” when it came to the false stories circulating about her.

Meghan Markle attends the Instagram Dinner held at MARS Discovery District on May 31, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

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Markle’s famous friends including Abigail Spencer And To take Co-star Patrick J Adamshave defended her in the past, along with Alliance of Moms co-founder, Kelly McKee Zajfenwhich Markle recently called an “undeniable force of pure love.”

“You inspire me. You pick me up when I need it and you love like a mother,” wrote Zajfen, who was supported by Markle after tragically losing her 9-year-old son George to a sudden illness in 2022. Instagram on April 18. “Thank you for continuing to support the @allianceofmoms. For supporting this campaign and our youth. By doing this, you support the mission to build a bright future for young parents who have experienced foster care.”

Harry, 39, has been his wife’s biggest supporter since the beginning, when he announced their relationship via a lengthy statement defending her against the press abuse she suffered in 2016.

“Prince Harry is concerned for Ms. Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has been unable to protect her,” the statement said at the time. “It is not right that Ms. Markle is exposed to such a storm after a few months of dating him. He knows commentators will say this is “the price she has to pay” and that “this is all part of the game.” He strongly disagrees. This isn’t a game – it’s her life and his.”