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Meta is testing a crosspost feature for Threads




Featured image for Threads to get a new messaging feature soon

Threads is an X (formerly Twitter) alternative announced by Meta. The tech giant wants more and more users to use its app and that is why they keep adding new features to give it an edge over other apps. The Meta is now testing a cross-posting feature for Threads that could allow users to post soon directly to Threads from their Instagram account.

You’ll soon have access to the cross-posting feature in Threads

Meta has reportedly started testing a new feature that will allow users to post directly from Instagram to Threads. It was already possible to view Thread posts on Instagram and soon we will also be able to post directly from Instagram.

A few users got the prompt about this on their Instagram account. Meta later officially acknowledged that this was so indeed testing the cross-posting feature for Wires. The company also confirmed that this will be an optional feature and it will be up to the user whether they want to crosspost or not.

Posting images directly from Instagram to Threads is also being tested

The cross-posting feature allows users to write and post anything directly from their Instagram account to the Threads profile. But that is not everything. Meta is too testing another new feature that would automatically publish the newly uploaded images from their Instagram account to the Threads account. It’s similar to the feature users have long used to post Stories and Reels to Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

The addition of these features will attract new users. Currently, Threads has a whopping 150 million monthly active users. Meta also wants to add Facebook’s cross-posting feature to the Threads. This has the potential to further increase the number of active users on the platform.