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Michael Cohen Testifies It Was Melania Trump’s Idea to Call Access Hollywood Tape Locker Room Talk




Melania Trump

Michael Cohen testified during Trump’s criminal trial that it was Melania Trump’s idea to play the Access Hollywood tape as locker room talk.

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CNN’s Kaitlin Collins is in the courtroom and posted:

Cohen’s testimony has lived up to expectations so far. Trump’s former lawyer, who went to prison for crimes related to the case, has been waiting years to take his former boss to court and try to convince a jury to hold the ex-president accountable.

For those who think Melania Trump is different from her husband, Cohen’s testimony refutes that idea. Melania Trump is still married to a man who bragged on video about sexually assaulting women and was later found liable for rape in civil court.

Given this context, it’s no surprise that she came up with the argument that boasting about sexual violence was locker room talk.

Melania Trump is the least popular first lady in history. In January 2021she left the White House with more people disapproving (47%) than approving (42), and Cohen’s testimony showed exactly why.

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