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Mike Cernovich: Ben Carson as Trump’s vice president offers “murder insurance” | The Gateway expert




Mike Cernovich: Ben Carson as Trump's vice president offers “murder insurance” |  The Gateway expert

Producer and author Mike Cernovich has given his opinion on who Trump should name as his vice president.

As for who Trump should choose as his vice president, Cernovich wrote: “Ben Carson is also a great selection because JD Vance is needed in the Senate. DeWine (Covidian) will name his replacement. The GOP may not even keep the Senate. It’s not good to lose strong players.”

“Carson is loyal to Trump, would provide much-needed assassination insurance and not remove a strong player from the board,” Cernovich added.


If The Gateway expert Previously reported was Dr. Carson one of seven people vetted by the Trump campaign as a potential vice president for Trump.

This is not the first time Cernovich has warned about the importance of Trump’s VP choice.

In June, Cernovich wrote: “The only ‘safe’ vice president for Trump is the one who keeps him assassin-proof. The regime wants to kill him. Tim Scott as vice president. Wray and Garland would be drooling. I hope people understand this moment.”

Last week, Carson joined CNN to discuss election integrity ahead of the 2024 election.


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