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Nanushka Resort 2025 Menswear Collection



Nanushka creative director Sandra Sándor’s take on resort did not dilute her codes, but strengthened them. After a fall collection derived from her own core memories, the Hungarian designer used nostalgia as her main form of inspiration. Budapest, the place where she was born and raised, again served as her base, but this time she focused on her late teens.

“It’s definitely my grandfather’s wardrobe,” Sándor said, going over the patchwork details and crochet fittings. “He wore these types of work clothes while gardening in the countryside, but they were from his war years, typical of an Eastern European workforce.” Paper mache was used to create a fringe-like texture, in addition to laser cutting, hand-cut fringe, fabric blocking and zippers. “I became really fascinated by the biker subculture in Western films, and I was able to translate it and subtly merge it with our brand pillars,” said the designer of a more sporty mood change in the collection, guided by a never-ending research into comfortable clothing.

OKOBOR, the signature alt leather that Nanushka trademarked, was featured throughout the collection, sometimes blending with a form of regenerated leather, made partly from a compression of unwanted leather scraps, on a journey of sustainability. “I used the regenerated leather to give more structure to the silhouettes, such as with jackets. While for lighter blouses and puffy looks, OKOBOR is our first choice,” says Sándor.

Following a recent relaunch of its new identity, Nanushka is monogrammed on satin and leather, borrowing symbols from wooden totems that decorate the showroom, as well as origami bag locks. The menswear section presented a new type of recycled cashmere. As the twentieth anniversary of the brand’s birth approaches, the team behind Nanushka is gathering new ideas to enrich the company. “My mother was in the children’s clothing industry and I would like to implement that segment in the industry in the future,” says Sándor.