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November Birthstone: Its Symbolism and Meaning




November Birthstone: Its Symbolism and Meaning
NNovember sees autumn in all its splendor. The autumn chill has set in and the leaves are showing vibrant colors, from fiery red to orange and yellow, reminiscent of the season and each November birthstone: topaz and citrine. Although they look similar, topaz and citrine have significant differences that make them unique. However, one thing these stones have in common is their ability to inform your intentions and guide you towards your goals. As such, they are suitable for navigating the transition of Scorpio season – which prompts us to look inward to evoke positive change – and the approaching Sagittarius season.

To learn more about November’s birthstones, crystal experts break down their meanings and explain how people, especially Scorpios and Sagittarius born this month, can benefit from their metaphysical properties.

Properties of topaz, the traditional birthstone of November

Photo: Getty Images/Fred Pinheiro

  • Birthstone color: Yellow
  • Chakra: Third chakra
  • Origin: Varied

Topaz is classified as a gemstoneand is available in different shades, such as blue, green, orange, red, pink and purple. It comes from all over the worldsuch as the United States, Brazil, Russia and China, and although it occurs all over the world, numerologist and certified crystal healer Joy Woodward says it is rare to find compared to other gemstones. Like other gemstones, topaz varies in value depending on its color, clarity, cut and carat – and according to integrative medicine and crystal expert Elizabeth Trattner, AP, DOM, Imperial Topaz is one of the most prized and coveted of this variety. However, it is yellow topaz, which is often associated with the month of November, says Woodward.

Birthstone meaning and symbolism of topaz

When it comes to its metaphysical properties, yellow topaz can help “align your thoughts, your actions, and your energy,” says Woodward, making it an ideal tool for manifesting. It allows you to get a clear picture of what you want in your life and ‘holds you to your intention’ so you don’t lose sight of the goals you want to achieve.

Whether you’re pursuing small or big goals, topaz can help you shake off the overly negative voices that keep you from seeing your dreams as a possible reality. “It helps [you] realize [your] deservingness for what you are trying to manifest,” says Woodward. Additionally, topaz can also help you quell the anxiety that may arise as you work to bring your manifestations to life. According to Jill Wintersteen, astrologer, spiritual teacher and founder of Spirit Daughter: “Topaz has a calming effect,” and yellow topaz in particular “helps bring positive vibrations and uplift the spirit.” As such, its calming properties can create a sense of peace and serenity while warding off self-doubt so you can achieve your goals with firm certainty.

According to Dr. Trattner, yellow topaz is also associated with the third chakra (also known as the solar plexus chakra), which is used by Reiki healers. Fern Olivia Well+Good said in an interview about the seven chakras, which are the “action and balance chakra that focuses on individual willpower, personal strength and dedication.” Given this association, it further strengthens the topaz’s ability to help people commit to their goals and act on them fearlessly.

Properties of Citrine, Today’s November Birthstone

Photo: Getty Images/Irina Marwan

  • Birthstone color: Yellow
  • Chakra: Third chakra
  • Origin: Varied

Citrine is a stone of the quartz family and usually comes in colors reminiscent of fall foliage, making it particularly suitable for the month of November. Unfortunately, you won’t have difficulty finding a naturally occurring citrine; according to Woodward and Dr. Trattner, natural citrines are rare. You’re more likely to encounter amethysts that have been heat-treated to resemble citrine, which have a yellowish color similar to its counterpart, but without or less of the dichroism or color-changing quality that people have come to love about the stone. Although naturally occurring citrines are difficult to find, heat-treated citrine can come from places like Brazil, Uruguay, Scotland and North Carolina in the US.

Birthstone meaning and symbolism of citrine

According to Woodward, the metaphysical properties of natural citrine are similar to those of yellow topaz. “They help you take decisive action, clarify what you want, and come up with solutions to address what’s blocking you,” she says. Winterstone adds that natural citrine is also a stone of manifestation. Plus, it attracts abundance where you need it and “protects against negative vibrations by transforming them into something positive,” she says, adding that it is especially useful for “providing positivity during times of transformation.”

Woodward agrees that natural citrine has a purifying property that helps transform naysaying thoughts and negativity into inspired action. According to her, it’s about taking thoughtful action to achieve what you want.

However, as mentioned, natural citrines are rare and you are more likely to encounter heat-treated citrines (or what Dr. Trattner calls “baked amethysts”). Woodward says the metaphysical properties of heat-treated citrines differ from those of the naturally occurring variety. “It’s more optimistic,” she says, and it provides a wave of positivity and creative inspiration to navigate stagnant or negative energy that could lead to inaction. Whether naturally occurring or heat-treated, citrine corresponds to the third chakra and helps people tap into their inner power and put it into action.

Anyone can tap into the metaphysical properties of the month’s birthstones, but Wintersteen says this could especially benefit November-born Scorpios and Sagittarius, albeit in different ways. For the emotionally complex Scorpio who becomes overwhelmed by the depths of their own feelings, “these stones help them see the positivity and potential in every situation,” she says, adding that topaz has the added benefit of “helping calm feelings recover when emotions kick in’. feeling like you’re on a roller coaster.”

As for the free-spirited Sagittarius looking to broaden his horizons, “both bring happiness and optimism, especially on long journeys,” says Wintersteen, and if there are bumps in the road, “they can help those with a strong Sagittarius position find the right place . silver lining when life throws adversity at them.” Topaz in particular can calm emotions when things don’t go to plan, helping to cool Sagittarius’ fire and keep a cool head, she says, while citrine can add happiness, abundance and joy to the adventure, making it the “perfect” experience . traveling companion” for the traveler of the zodiac wheel.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are gemstones that represent a person’s birth month or zodiac sign. Their origins are believed to date back to Biblical times, and the first-century historian Flavius ​​Josephus associated the twelve gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate in the Book of Exodus with the months of the year and the twelve constellations. However, the custom of wearing an individual gemstone every month only began in Germany and Poland around the 15th or 16th century. Birthstones also appear to have their origins in Eastern culture. The Ratna Pariksha, a fifth-century Hindu text, linked specific gemstones to gods, celestial bodies and days of the week, while Vedic astrologers recommend certain gemstones to individuals based on their astrological birth chart.

In 1912, the American Council Association of Jewelers (currently known as the Jewelers of America) created a standardized list of birthstones in the United States. This list was updated by the Jewelry Industry Council of America and later by The American Gem Trade Association to include new types of birthstones for certain months of the year.

An overview of the birthstones for each month of the year

Looking for a crystal or gemstone that matches your birth month? Here is a quick overview of the birthstones for each month of the year:

Frequently asked questions about November’s birthstones

Why are there two November birthstones?

There are two November birthstones because the original list of birthstones, which included only topaz, was updated by the Jewelry Industry Council of America in the 1950s to add citrine.

Is November the only month with two birthstones?

November is not the only month with two birthstones. March and October also have two birthstones, while June, August, October and December all have three birthstones.

Are November birthstones rare?

According to Woodward and Dr. Trattner are the November birthstones – topaz and citrine – rare stones that can be expensive to add to your collection. However, heat-treated citrine, which is essentially baked amethyst, is typically more accessible than its counterparts and easier to find.