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Okada Manila hosts Barbie’s 65th anniversary celebration: a tribute to empowerment and dreams



Okada Manila hosts Barbie's 65th anniversary celebration: a tribute to empowerment and dreams

Okada Manila is pleased to announce an exceptional event celebrating the 65th anniversary of Barbie, the ultimate icon of inspiration and empowerment across generations. The grand celebration, titled “Barbie 65th Anniversary – Inspiring Stories, Shaping the Future,” will take place at Cove Manila from April 27 to June 2, 2024, commemorating Barbie’s profound influence in encouraging dreams and ambitions since her inception in 1959. This celebration is designed to bring together Barbie fans of all ages and highlight her significant impact on culture and society.

Event highlights

During Barbie’s 65th anniversary celebration, Cove Manila is transformed into a colorful journey through Barbie’s storied history. Highlights include:

Barbie Interactive Tunnel (Crystal Pavilion): A spotlight feature that allows visitors to walk through Barbie’s iconic moments. It features a beautifully illuminated Barbie acrylic logo with space for visitors to participate in activities, such as sharing inspiring stories on a post-it note wall and expressing how Barbie has inspired their future.

Barbie dream camper: For the first time ever, a life-size Barbie open camper is presented, divided into three play areas for an immersive experience in Barbie’s world.

Barbie diorama: An extensive exhibit featuring more than 130 Barbie career dolls from 1959 to the present, showcasing the evolution of Barbie’s roles and professions.

Barbie ice cream cart and food truck: Offering toy-inspired treats and real food, creating a delightful experience for children and families.

Pop-up stand ‘You can be anything’: Illuminated booths depicting different Barbie careers to inspire visitors about the endless possibilities they can achieve.

Barbie activity area and 65th Photo Op Box: An area dedicated to interactive activities, including a diorama display, a free game table and a TV for webisode playback. It also features a mini mirror for kids’ selfies and an interactive wall where visitors can post their dreams.

The beach club of the iconic Cove Manila

Year-round family outing in Cove Manila

Besides the Barbie party, Cove Manila remains a premier family destination all year round. The 9,000 square meter dome, equipped with temperature control and UV protection, offers a unique beach club experience in the heart of the city. It’s the perfect year-round getaway for families looking for fun and relaxation.

Empowering the next generation

Transcending pure nostalgia, this event aims to inspire the next generation with interactive and engaging exhibitions that encourage children to dream without limits.

“We are honored to host Barbie’s 65th birthday at Cove Manila, showcasing her lasting impact in encouraging young minds to break traditional boundaries,” said Vikki Aquino, director of Spas, Recreation and Kids’ Club at Okada Manila. “We invite everyone to join us in this inspiring celebration.”

Additionally, the celebration includes a “Daycation” package, allowing guests to experience Barbie’s world firsthand, exploring her home and the countless careers she has represented over the years.

Mark your calendars for this momentous event at Cove Manila, Okada Manila from April 27 to June 2, 2024. It’s an opportunity to honor Barbie’s lasting legacy and the limitless possibilities she symbolizes. The ticket price for this unique event is PHP 1,988, which includes a set meal, promising a celebration that will be both inspiring and fun.

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