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PH5 Resort 2025 Collection | Vogue



The Wei Lin and Zoe champion of PH5 works at warp speed and are already ready to herald 2025. Because the resort is a “transition season, there is always the feeling that you want that piece that is a whole new year, a new ego,” said Champion, who built the collection around the snake, which will be in the coming year in the coming year Chinese zodiac represents. “In almost all cultures,” she mused, the snake is “a kind of beacon for innovation, because he turns his skin and moves in circular movements.” It certainly seems to have been a good omen for the brand; A tight focus on one theme resulted in an exciting collection with a strong, uniform message. Looking at the selection – the straps at the back and the slimming, curved color transitions, it is not a big leap to imagine that the PH5 is moving towards swimwear and further towards sportswear. Imagine that you walk into a gym and see scallops and cotton candy colors instead of a sea of ​​black lycra.

In any case, vacation at the resort is central. Champion designed the brand’s first long dress and looks with yarn with sequins. Individual longitudes wave like wind gong on the wavy hems of other party supplies. The palette, which could be borrowed from bottles in a cocktail bar at the pool, is balanced with black. The ingenious Trompe jeans set from PH5 has received a reptile-like makeover. Another 3D scale is used for a slightly oversized polo that some people might wear as a whole mini dress. Building on that trick-the-eye-technology is a rotated corsetto top.

Technology is the basis of this brand and in some cases the winding patterns are carved close to the glitch core. Look 21 doet eigenlijk het werk; As Lin explained, it is UV reactive in the sun, so the white part of the dress will be pink. The best way to complement that is perhaps with a cold glass of rosé.