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Police officers to testify as comedian accuses them of ‘unlawful searches’




Police officers to testify as comedian accuses them of 'unlawful searches'

The officials involved Tiffany Haddish‘s Georgia DUI arrestee will testify at her upcoming criminal trial.

This is evident from court documents obtained by RadarOnline.comProsecutors revealed that four officers from the Peachtree City Police Department will appear at the trial to talk about the night in question.

Haddish was arrested in January 2022. Peachtree City police officers received a call about a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. They stopped Haddish’s car and claimed it matched the description.

According to police reports, officers claimed Haddish smelled of marijuana. Haddish was arrested for misdemeanor DUI, driving under the influence of multiple substances and improper stopping in the roadway.

As we first reported, Haddish argued that the officers had no “reasonably articulated suspicion to detain Ms. Haddish.”

The attorney said the tipster who told police about the person sleeping in the car said the driver was in a white Chevrolet SUV with a possible Florida tag. Haddish’s attorney said his client was driving a white Ford Explorer — a completely different SUV. He said the officers followed Haddish for a minute before pulling her over.

The actress’ lawyer said the officers “made no mention of any traffic violations or less safe driving during the one minute he saw Ms. Haddish driving her vehicle. Accordingly, the traffic stop was illegal and any evidence arising from it must be suppressed.”

Haddish claimed all the “fruits” of the “unlawful seizure of [Haddish’s] person, Haddish’s blood test, and any statements Haddish “allegedly made on the grounds that they were the result of the unlawful search and seizure.”