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Ranking of Real Madrid’s craziest comebacks in the Champions League, from Bayern Munich to Manchester City



Ranking of Real Madrid's craziest comebacks in the Champions League, from Bayern Munich to Manchester City

The Champions League final is scheduled as Real Madrid overturned a two-goal deficit after the 88th minute and continued their heroics in the UCL to eliminate Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Joselu had a brace after going out on loan to provide cover when Karim Benzema left to Saudi Arabia, and the Spaniard etched himself into Los Blancos history as they pulled off another miracle. But how does this compare to some of the other historic results the team has achieved?

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Number 5: Bayern Munich2023-24

It looked like it was going to be the night of Manuel Neuer while Bayern Munich took the lead through a goal from Alfonso Davies but with a series of shots, Real Madrid finally found a breakthrough in this second leg in the semi-finals. Joselu scored in the 88th minute and three minutes later he took the starting signal in the match. It was still a match that ended in controversy when Bayern scored towards the end, but an incorrect offside and a blown whistle doomed the Bavarians.

This is a match where even they pushed everything to the limit and may have been saved by the referee to end the match, but it won’t matter much in the end if a place in the final is secured. Real Madrid does not want to experience the same thing again in the final, because it comes in as a big favorite.

Number 4: Liverpool2022-23

It took another second-half heroics to break the 2-2 tie, but this is about how Los Blancos blew the match open in the round of 16. After scoring from a set play early in the half to make it a 2-0 hole, Madrid then scored three unanswered goals to secure a 5-2 victory before winning the second leg to take the score on aggregate to 6 brought -2. It’s one of those matches where the final score is wrong show how close things were at key intervals, but when Real Madrid decide to throw a match on the ground, there are few teams in the world that can actually keep up with them.

Number 3: Paris Saint Germain, 2021-2022

Confronted Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappé in the round of 16 were not enough to slow Real Madrid down as Carlo Ancelotti staged another comeback in the second half. PSG led 2-0 in the second half of the second leg before primetime Karim Benzema emerged. With a hat-trick, Benzema would undo all the good work done by the French side in 45 minutes of play, turning the match on its head. PSG did have chances, as Mbappé was disallowed two goals for offside, but it was a misplayed pass from Gianluigi Donnarumma that turned out to be the difference that allowed Benzema to score and start the epic comeback.

No. 2: Manchester city2021/22

This may be the biggest comeback, but the fact that it wasn’t a final is the reason it couldn’t reach number one for me. Manchester City needed just 11 minutes to take a 2-0 lead against Real Madrid, but Los Blancos fought back and were only one goal behind at the end of the match. Things got wild in the second leg as City led 5-3 on aggregate with just 30 seconds of regulation remaining. For most teams that would mean game over, but Real Madrid is Real Madrid. Rodrygo would score a quick double to force extra time, with Real Madrid shocking a stunned City side with another goal to win 6–5 on aggregate. It took a penalty in extra time which Benzema calmly slotted home, but to even be in a situation where they could score was more than impressive.

No. 1: Atletico Madrid2013-2014

In a Champions League final, this is a match that should be supreme. Not only was it a Madrid derby between two rivals, but it was also the match in which Real Madrid secured their 10th Champions League title. La Decima. It lasted until the 93rd minute Luka Modric to help Sergio Ramos on a goal that forced extra time and once extra periods arrived it was all Real Madrid from then on. With three goals in the next 30 minutes, Real Madrid left no doubt before securing another title Gareth Bale, MarceloAnd Cristiano Ronaldo they all hit the back of the net, facing a familiar goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Now the Belgian has crossed the rivalry lines and the rest is history.