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RFK Jr.’s siblings endorse Biden over their brother




RFK Jr.'s siblings  endorse Biden over their brother

Other insiders, however, are not so diplomatic. “With a family like this, who needs enemies?” a source that RFK Jr. has known, also known as Bobby, and his family had been telling this to the newspaper for more than 35 years New York Post. “This is not a discussion at home between siblings. These people are slandering him.”

“RFK Jr. is an anti-corruption fighter, just like his father and uncle,” added Tony Lyons, the publisher of Skydance and a close friend and campaign worker of Kennedy. “The family members who stood up to him when ordered to do so demonstrate their lack of integrity, backbone and honor. They have abandoned their core Kennedy values. They are part of the corruption that RFK Jr. has fought against it with all his heart for the past forty years.

Kyle Kemper, the half-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who helped run RFK Jr.’s campaign. worked together, said: ‘They are trying to discourage and smear instead of engaging in healthy debate. This is the tragedy within the American political world. system today and the Kennedy family is a microcosm of that. Bobby says his father taught his children to debate at the dinner table – not to swear or curse.”