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Royal Mail urged to investigate claims of counterfeit stamps made in China



Royal Mail has confirmed that stamp prices will rise again, marking the fourth increase in the past two years for first-class letter postage.

Reports have emerged claiming that Chinese factories are producing counterfeit British stamps in large quantities, raising concerns about the integrity of the British postal system and the potential economic impact.

According to these reports, Chinese suppliers are offering to manufacture up to 1 million fake Royal Mail stamps per week, while some websites are selling them in bulk. This has led to speculation about possible state involvement, with suggestions of “economic warfare” aimed at Britain’s postal infrastructure.

Posts Minister Kevin Hollinrake has called on Royal Mail to investigate the allegations and prevent counterfeit stamps from circulating. The need to identify the source of these counterfeit stamps and address any vulnerabilities in the supply chain is recognized. However, detecting fake stamps has become increasingly difficult as they have become more realistic, making it difficult even for experts at Royal Mail to distinguish them from genuine ones.

The presence of counterfeit stamps in the supply chain poses risks to both retailers and consumers. Smaller stores and online marketplaces may unknowingly sell or buy these counterfeit stamps, which can lead to financial losses and possible legal consequences. Royal Mail acknowledges the problem and says it is actively working to remove counterfeit stamps from circulation. This includes monitoring online marketplaces, cooperating with law enforcement agencies, and recovering counterfeit stamps with significant retail value.

However, the Chinese embassy in London has denied any state involvement in stamp counterfeiting, dismissing the claims as ‘absurd’. Instead, they emphasize the need for thorough investigation of the internal supply chain to address the problem. Despite this denial, concerns remain about the impact of counterfeiting operations on the UK postal system and the need for concerted efforts to effectively combat counterfeiting.