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SAG-AFTRA responds to ‘Tulsa King’ disparaging accusations about extras




SAG-AFTRA responds to 'Tulsa King' disparaging accusations about extras

SAG-AFTRA has responded to allegations that “Tulsa King” star Sylvester Stallone created a “toxic environment” for background actors on the Atlanta set of the Paramount+ series.

“There is no room for disparaging comments made against background actors or performers on any set,” a SAG-AFTRA spokesperson said in a statement. “Although we have not been contacted directly regarding the incident on the set of ‘Tulsa King’ in Atlanta, SAG-AFTRA is committed to the safety and well-being of cast members on all productions.

The statement also noted that SAG-AFTRA’s “TV/theatrical agreements do not cover background actors in Atlanta,” but that the union is “here to support with guidance if requested.”

A source close to production says the issue has been addressed by department heads, emphasizing the need for a respectful workplace. Stallone has made no comment and a Paramount spokesperson did not respond Variety‘s request for comment on SAG-AFTRA’s statement.

On Monday, TV writer Julie Benson, who is not affiliated with “Tulsa King,” posted screenshots on Casting agent quit because she was so disgusted. My boyfriend is now worried about his job.@TheSlyStallone What do you have to say, sir? I’m more than disappointed, I’m furious.”

One screenshot included a Facebook post with a vague username that read: ‘While working on TK this week, Sylvester Stallone was seen calling the director and saying ‘what the hell is going on with this ugly background of F ****? [actors].’ He and the director then called certain people terrible names and made fun of them. ‘Chicken lard’, ‘fat man with a stick’ and made jokes about their weight and disabilities. Sly said, “Get pretty young girls near me.”

The other screenshot contained what appeared to be an email message from Rose Locke, a casting director on “Tulsa King,” who wrote that she had visited the set after being “made aware of certain things.” She ultimately resigned because it was a “clearly toxic environment in which I did not feel comfortable with myself or background artists.”

“Tulsa King,” created by “Yellowstone” showrunner Taylor Sheridan, is currently filming its second season in Atlanta. Season 1 of “Tulsa King,” which premiered in November 2022, was filmed in Oklahoma, where the show is set.