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Sasha Pieterse thinks PLL fans will enjoy her film The Image of You



Sasha Pieterse thinks PLL fans will enjoy her film The Image of You

Sasha Pieterse played the ultimate mean girl when she joined the cast Liars as Alison DiLaurentis. Now the actress thinks fans will get a taste of Rosewood as they watch her play twins Anna and Zoe in her new film, The image of you.

“I think [Alison] is a bit part of my subconscious when I play someone like Zoe,” the 28-year-old Pieterse said exclusively We weekly while talking about the psychological thriller. “I was obviously used to playing a character like that for so long, and I think about it fondly [her] as the adult Ali. If Ali has never changed, Zoe is the adult Ali in her early thirties. What she would have evolved into.”

The image of youwhich hits theaters on Wednesday, May 8, is based on Adele Parks‘ novel of the same name and follows identical but opposite twins, both played by Pieterse. When soft-spoken Anna meets stock trader Nick (Parker Young), she thinks he’s perfect, but her sister, Zoe, has doubts and goes on a mission to discover the truth about him.

While Pieterse compares Zoe to who Alison would be if she had never evolved, Anna resembles who Alison eventually became during PLLs later seasons.

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“It’s a fun kind of trick to play,” she said Us. “It’s like, how do these characters interact? Two Allison’s are talking to each other, you are in different phases. How do they interact with each other? What is their relationship?”

Pieterse added that the dynamic between the twins is shrouded in “emotional abuse and manipulation,” noting that fans of PLL will ‘connect’ the duo’s traits with Ali ‘of course because they are such vibrant, very outrageous’ characters. “You’ll probably feel the same way you do about Allison when you watch Anna and Zoe,” she teased.

Pieterse portrayed Alison during all seven seasons of PLLwhich is based on By Sara Shepard book series. The audience watched as Ali grew from a mysterious queen bee to a beloved member of the core group. And while her disappearance was a major plot point of the first few seasons, the show ultimately strayed from the story of the books.

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That meant Pieterse was never able to bring the last novel’s biggest twist – that Alison had a twin brother, Courtney – to life on screen. Instead, credit was given to Troian Bellisariowhich played Spencer Hastings (and later Alex Drake).

Now Pieterse says fans are excited to see how she takes on the challenge of playing two characters. “Finally, Alison essentially becomes her twin,” she joked, laughing. “I get to make my twin dream come true. It’s true. I know [showrunner] I. Marlene [King] I wanted to keep everyone in their seats with the twin theories, but I’m glad I finally got to play two people.”

Playing twins who felt like two similar versions of Alison, Pieterse immediately understood how she would bring Anna and Zoe to life. The actress told Us that she knew “exactly” how she would play the duo, down to “what they would wear” for each scene.

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When it came to creating properties and figuring out how to make them individualistic, Pieterse said she and the director Jef Visser sat down and created “two separate Pinterest boards” to share their ideas. There were also the smallest details to ensure that both twins came across as different people.

“My process was just a kind of decision [what clothing] to put on, to make sure I had their walks and their tone changes, and then compare it to people. If you say: ‘Do you see Anna in this? Do you see Zoë in this?’ It was really fun,” she said. “The way that was recorded is really nice.”

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Although Pieterse enjoyed playing the softer Anna, she confessed that the edgier Zoe was her favorite of the two, noting that it’s “more fun” playing the outlandish characters – something she has become well versed in throughout her career.

“I mean, even with LiarsIt’s fun playing the fun characters, but it’s a lot more fun playing the crazy devilish characters just because it feels like you’re essentially putting on a different body,” she shared. Us. “So I think Anna was kind and sweet and friendly and that was reassuring. But Zoe was definitely more fun.”

Pieterse added: “I hope I’m not like Zoe… but I’m really enjoying playing her.”

The image of you will be in cinemas from Friday 10 May.