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Savannah Chrisley ‘does everything in her power’ to bring incarcerated parents home




Savannah Chrisley 'does everything in her power' to bring incarcerated parents home

Todd And Julie ChrisleyThe woman’s daughter has been working overtime to ensure her convicted fraudster parents get home before their prison sentences expire. The family lawyer, Jay Surgenttold that he has confidence in it Savannah Chrisley will be at the front of the courtroom during her parents’ appeal hearing on April 19.

As this outlet reported, Todd and Julie were struck by a combination 19 years later be convicted of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. They began serving their sentences in separate facilities on January 17, 2023.

Surgent shared that with Todd and Julie gone, Savannah has become the “head honcho” of the Chrisley family.

The 26-year-old reality star stepped down to take custody of her brother Grayson17, and niece Chloe11. She also exposed the alleged abuse that prisoners allegedly endure behind prison walls, including her father, who she claimed did the same. faced retaliation because she speaks out.

Regarding Todd and Julie’s appeal hearing, Savannah is “on it like white on rice,” their attorney revealed to, adding that she “believes they were singled out” and made examples of it with their harsh sentences .

Surgent said Savannah is doing “everything she can” to get her parents out of jail — or at least shorten their time.

She’s “steering the family ship” and “wants her parents home,” he told, adding that the Chrisleys are “a family unit” and that Savannah is serving as “the head honcho” in Todd and Julie’s absence.

We already told you that the couple, who got married almost 30 years ago, “very proud‘ of their lawyer daughter, who works relentlessly around the clock for the family and her imprisoned parents.

We’re told everyone is “very hopeful.” Todd and Julie will be coming home “sooner than expected,” including Chrisley’s patriarch, who, according to Surgent “optimistic” about the upcoming appeal hearing.

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Several possible outcomes could happen on April 19, when the Eleventh Circuit hears Todd and Julie’s case. The best-case scenarios are that their convictions are overturned, they are given a new trial, or their sentence is significantly reduced based on the evidence presented.

At worst, Todd and Julie’s efforts would be halted and they would have to spend the rest of their time behind bars.

Todd’s is scheduled for release in October 2032. Julie will be released earlier, with her release date set for July 6, 2028.