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Spring Wedding Guest Dresses To Inspire The Season Slay




o killing at a wedding without attracting unhealthy attention is a skill. With wedding season in full swing, dresses are a style card that never diminishes, and this spring the style code is simplicity with a touch of whimsy. Wedding goers discover a certain charm in numbers that don’t do too much, but still manage to hold their own in any situation. From playful fringes to classic slips, the best wedding dresses for spring bloom with a certain class of style that’s hard to miss.

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Choosing a dress depends entirely on your style palette. You can opt for a traditional maxi dress, styled with a floral headband to evoke an air of grace. Alternatively, a chic mini dress with a good dose of delicate details can make you stand out from the crowd and underline your attention to detail.

Moreover, when choosing spring dresses for bridal guests, comfort, fit and theme play a major role. Once the couple’s theme is met, you can customize the rest, leaving room for individuality and personal expression. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some wedding dresses for wedding guests that you can discover before spring takes a bow.

Check out these spring wedding guest dresses to inspire your next wedding slay…

#1. Two-tone number

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An ombré maxi dress is a springtime delight. Wear a brightly colored dress for a sunny day at a beach wedding. Keep the cut simple and classic while leaning on styling for expression. Here you can harness the power of statement jewelry for a striking effect.

#2. Dress with turtleneck

10 spring wedding dresses to complete the season in style
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A turtleneck dress adds a sophisticated flair to your style repertoire. Play with textures and details to create a pleasant spring aesthetic. Perhaps ruffles on the sleeves or a texture that intrigues the mind. Another way to improve this coordination is with coloring. Think of a pastel-colored dress and brightly colored accessories, such as a yellow mini bag. The colors create an interesting image when they complement each other.

#3. Print with side slits

Photo: @melissaswardrobe/Instagram

Spring dresses for wedding guests are full of personality. If sexy is your thing, feel free to incorporate it tastefully without covering up the bride. Step into the wedding hall in a unique side slit dress that shows just enough skin to be satisfying. Think of a striking print or a chic detail such as an asymmetrical sleeve to remain dynamic. For the minimalist party, wear softer neutral tones, such as a white dress with blue prints and a silver clutch. However, if you’re in the mood for an extended flex, go all out with a straight-cut maxi dress with all-over prints, pumped up with statement accessories.

#4. Dress with fringes

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Emerald green and gold is a luxurious combination fit for a wedding guest. To increase your freedom of movement, put on a sleeveless dress with fringes and complete it with a gold handbag and matching shoes to liven up the offering. Although fringed dresses are akin to boho charm, a more contemporary style approach is more flexible. So feel free to add elegant jewelry that doesn’t scream for attention.

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#5. Midi crochet dress

10 spring wedding dresses to complete the season in style
Photo: @asiyami_gold/Instagram

Spring weddings are the perfect time to pull out a body-accentuating crochet number. Crochet dresses, with their airy nature, go well with raffia hats. But if that’s not your forte, a simple dress with strappy sandals and a top-handle bag will work just fine. Continue the easy-on-the-eye approach with a sleek ponytail and a subtle facial beat. You can swap the heels for flat shapes if the location is sandy.

#6. The classic briefs

Photo: @tamumcpherson/Instagram

A slip dress is always a sexy girl’s favorite item in the books of spring wedding guest dresses. They are comfortable and super feminine. Choose a high-low hem or a maxi slip in a shade that matches your skin tone. Then put on an understated bag and sunglasses for a sassy edge. This is the best choice on the dance floor to swing with ease and balance.

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#7. Barbie minis

10 spring wedding dresses to complete the season in style
Photo: @iamcrystalnicolee/Instagram

The bad guys have entered the group chat! A pink mini dress that hugs your body like a glove is as girly as it gets. The after party calls for a sassy dress, especially for the lady who is out to party and be noticed. Choose a deeper shade of pink for a more powerful statement. Don’t take it easy, choose a dress that is fluid in self-confidence. The details can emphasize your waist, show off your legs tastefully and exude a ladylike appearance. Make a case for ‘Barbicore’ with an elegant pink dress and a ‘clean girl’ face beat.

#8. Khaki with buttons

Photo: @jariatudanita/Instagram

Show off in a khaki button-down dress. You can take the look to the next level with a small belt at the waist, an animal print clutch and cool sandals. But if the goal is a laid-back resort look, consider a breezy khaki dress with costume jewelry and raffia accessories. Don’t forget the sunglasses.

#9. Shift dress

10 spring wedding dresses to complete the season in style
Photo: @hintofglamour/Instagram

Some weddings are bouje and require a bold approach. Choose a colorful shift dress with a colorful jacket. Color-blocking is a bold move at a spring wedding and should be done thoughtfully. An orange and blue pair means there’s no hiding place, and the spotlight shifts momentarily as you rush in with a knowing kill. Kitten heels are comfortable and stylish, and the best options for a long day of dancing and networking. Complete the look with a woven bag and fantastic sunglasses. The best thing about this look is the standalone dress that won’t let you down when the temperature rises. There’s nothing more liberating than a cool dress that’s both stylish and practical.

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#10. Floral balance

Photo: @natichualcantara/Instagram

Flowers are the diamonds of spring wedding guest dresses. The bolder, the better. But a simple black maxi decorated with floral prints and styled with a floral headband is still a step up. No matter how cliché floral dresses for women may sound, they will never fade into the background. Channel your inner Bridgerton with these numbers and turn heads without breaking a sweat.

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