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StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus: QVC Sale




StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus: QVC Sale
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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to tackling aging skin, but a good place to start (that doesn’t involve going under the needle) is a skin-firming cream. Also known as Botox-in-a-bottle, these lotions do exactly what you’d think: they firm crepey skin and smooth wrinkles by targeting the epidermis (the top layer of our skin) for a visibly firmer complexion , while at the same time feeling like your favorite gentle moisturizer. Of course, no one product can work miracles, but the StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream PLUS ($75) comes close — and today — and today only — 30 percent off at QVC.

About the StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream PLUS

The skin of our neck has less fatty tissue, collagen and oil glands, so it makes sense that we opt for a separate moisturizer formulated specifically for this area. This editor’s favorite cream is loved because it lives up to its claims while working on a wide range of skin types. It is formulated with their patented Alpha-Three Peptide System which stimulates our natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to improve elasticity while softening and hydrating. The ingredient list also includes spilanthol, a plant-based antioxidant, and clary sage, which helps brighten the complexion.

If you’re still confused about how one cream can tighten skin, take a look at one of the many five-star reviews and maybe you’ll think differently. One reviewer writes: “I’ve been using this product for 7 weeks and I’m amazed to see my décolleté getting smoother! I’m not easily impressed [and] I tend to be a skeptic… now I never want to run out of this product again.” And another wrote: ‘I’m glad I took a before and after photo. I didn’t think it did much until I looked at my previous photo. The difference is incredible!”

Whether you’re looking for some extra skincare TLC or want to target crepey skin and fine lines, don’t delay and grab the StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream PLUS while it’s on sale at QVC.

Our editorial team independently selects these products. If you make a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.