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The 50 Best Cities In Europe For Single People



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Not all cities are created equal when it comes to love – or plain ol’ lust, for that matter. While meeting new people has never been easier than before, it turns out that a lot of dating luck depends on location. Eternally single? You should pay a visit to one (or all, if you’re really eager) of the best cities in Europe for single people.

Compiling data on singletons, dating apps, social life and the opinions of residents, we have the official 2022 list of the best cities across Europe for single people. Tinder continues to reign in the world of dating apps, but alternatives such as Badoo, Lovoo, and Bumble are closing the gap.

Dating apps have been the norm for a few years now, but many singletons are getting a bit fed up with the (sometimes) aimless swiping or scrolling. In other words, they’re experiencing dating app fatigue. This has led to the rise in a desire for more authentic meeting opportunities, such as singles events and speed dating. Tinder has even followed suit, introducing the blind date mode. It seems that dating apps are trying to keep up with a post-pandemic world where people are no longer confined to the corners of their own homes. Tinder CEO Gary Swidler even told Financial Times that new user sign-ups “have not returned to pre-pandemic levels”.

These are the cities where you’ll have the best chances of finding love. Or, at least a date for the evening…

Ranking criteria:How do these rankings work?

  • Highest usage rate of Tinder and/or Badoo dating apps
  • Population percentage of single people per capita
  • Overall population of city – you don’t want a date where you’ll bump into the person the next day!
  • Data from dating app research on Statista
  • Age distribution – why should only one age group have all the fun?!
  • The nightlife opportunities per square foot – information taken from Tripadvisor
  • Affordability

The Best Cities in Europe for Single PeopleHow do these rankings work?

50th. Tirana, Albania

Tirana enjoys a buzzing nightlife, with plenty of cool and edgy bars to take your date. Not only is it a great city for nightlife, but it’s also one of the most affordable cities in Europe. Affordable and fun? We’re sold. Try out local dating app 1 KAFE, which is one of the most popular dating apps, among Tinder and Badoo. 

49th. Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium LOVES dating apps, with singletons here accounting for some of the most dating app downloads in Europe. This student city is full of youngins looking for love, contributing to Belgium’s high dating app usage. Combine that with buzzing nightlife and regular singles events and you’ve got a great city for singles.

48th. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe. A beautiful place fit for a budding romance or two. The population might be dipping but there are still over 1 million people in the city. With a small but buzzing nightlife scene and great social life, Sofia is one of the best cities in Europe for singles.

best cities in europe single people

47th. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb might be home to the unusual Museum of Broken Relationships, but it’s actually a great city for single people. A young population that is largely single is the perfect combination. Dating app Badoo reigns supreme in Croatia’s capital.

46th. Leuven, Belgium

With a high single student population and plenty of bars (and Belgian beers!), Leuven is one of Belgium’s most buzzing cities. Combine that with Belgium’s high usage of dating apps and you have one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

45th. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn might be small, but it’s a superb city for singletons. A compact nightlife with busy bars and restaurants makes it a vibrant place for single people. Bumble and Badoo are particularly popular here, among the top Google Play apps downloaded in Estonia. If you like the ladies, you’re in luck – women make up 54.7% of the population. Add in a singles population that’s steadily increasing year on year and Tallinn is a great place for singles.

44th. Bergen, Norway

Not only is Bergen one of the happiest cities in the world, but it’s also one of the best cities in Europe for single people. It’s a good job that 48.2% of Bergen’s population is single because you’ll get swept up in the romance of the mountains and the cute, bright houses.

43rd. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia may be small, but its capital city is a great place for singles. Every seventh resident in Slovenia lives in a one-person household, so there are plenty of singletons to meet in this beautiful city. And with a magical castle, incredible galleries, and fascinating museums, there’s plenty to get up to. 

42nd. Bordeaux, France

Good wine, good food, and beautiful scenery – what could be more romantic? This city is a wonderful place to meet someone new. There are considerably more people in their 20s, just over 24% of the population, but that’s to be expected in a student city. We couldn’t find any single events, but with such a lively cafe and nightlife scene, it won’t be difficult to meet someone au naturel.

41st. Malmö, Sweden

Sweden has one of the highest proportions of single-person households in the world, reaching almost 40%. So, the fastest growing city in the country is certainly a good place for singletons – it was even found to have the best dating experience by a local dating startup. A buzzing nightlife is a cherry on top.

40th. Cork, Ireland

Cork has some of the best nightlife in Ireland and when the Irish accent is consistently voted the sexiest in the world, finding a sweet talker will be a breeze. Especially when 51.9% of the population are single. It’s also the 13th most popular Tinder city in Europe according to Nomad List users, beating out countless other well-known cities.

best european cities single people

39th. Vilnius, Lithuania

The large population, great nightlife, high percentage of singles (38.3%), and regular single events make Vilnius a popular choice for singletons. The city has one of the highest ratios of women to men in Europe, so anyone that has a penchant for ladies will love it here. There’s also a large population of people aged 30-39. You know what they say, 30 and flirty!

38th. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands has some of the highest usage of dating apps in the world, and even comes in eighth in the world as the best country to swipe on Tinder. Rotterdam’s high population and fairly equal distribution of ages make it one of the best places for singles in Europe. Throw in a sparkly city and fun date activities, and you’re onto a winner.

37th. Leeds, England

With a population of nearly 800,000 and a huge student community, Leeds is one of the most buzzing cities in Europe. The nightlife scene here is fantastic, with over 250 spots to grab a drink with your date. If you’re feeling over dating apps, you’re in luck. Leeds has several regular hosting events that cater to a mix of ages.

36th. Warsaw, Poland

Poland has the 11th highest Tinder usage in Europe, so your chances of making a match here are high. As the third-best Tinder city in Europe, we’re sure you’ll be swiping right on Warsaw. It’s also an affordable city for eating and drinking, so the quality of socialising here is excellent.

35th. Birmingham, England

With a large population, huge student community, a buzzing nightlife scene, and a good mix of age groups, Birmingham is a great spot for a singleton. This student town is the UK’s second most Tinder-addicted city and with several weekly single events, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet someone. And did we mention that a third of Birmingham’s population is single – we like those odds.

34th. Galway, Ireland

If you’re looking for love, you’ll want to make a stop in Galway. Not just for its incredible nightlife, buzzing art scene, and gorgeous scenery, but also for the 53.5% of the population that’s single. You have a decent chance of finding your very own Galway Girl (or boy) There’s a huge proportion of people in their 20s and 30s here, so a great spot for youngins.

33rd. Lille, France

Lille is considered the singles capital of France with a promising 60+% of the population not currently spoken for. There’s plenty of opportunity to meet someone in this student city – whether that’s on a night out, at a speed dating event, or on the popular dating app, Meetic.

32nd. Bucharest, Romania

With a huge population, a very good mix of ages, and a buzzing nightlife, Bucharest is a top spot if you’re looking for love. It’s also a hotspot for dating apps, with one of the highest download rates of dating apps in Europe. And if you’re looking for a serious relationship, even marriage, Romania is the place to be – it has the second highest marriage rate in the EU.

31st. Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you’re someone who enjoys meeting people at fun social events, then you’ll love Belfast. There are regular single events focusing on a mix of ages, as well as lock and key parties, wine and food tasting for singles, and cocktails and canapés for singles. Combine that with great nightlife and a single population of 46.6% and you’ve got one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

30th. Nottingham, England

Regular single events and speed dating cater to a mix of ages, but Nottingham is a student city, so 30% of the population are aged 18 – 29. But there is a good mix of ages, and when 39% of the population are single, you’re bound to find someone that takes your fancy. It’s no wonder that Badoo found it to be one of the top locations in the UK to find love.

29th. Hamburg, Germany

The cosmopolitan port city of Hamburg is a fantastic place for singletons, thanks to its regular speed dating events, incredible nightlife, huge population, and high concentration of singles at 47%. There’s also a good distribution of age in Hamburg, but those between 30 and 44 have more of a chance of finding love in that age group than any others. 

28th. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital city is the perfect place to walk hand-in-hand with your beau, strolling through its narrow, cobbled streets. Romantic and scenic, there’s plenty to do on your date. But what about actually meeting them? Well, there are several bars across the city hosting speed dating events for a mix of ages. Whether you’re 35 or 55, you can get in on the fun. With a decent single population of 45.3%, you have a good chance of finding love here.

27th. Liverpool, England

This lively city of nearly a million people is a hotspot for love, dating, and everything in between. Nearly half of the population is proudly single (49.7%) and there’s a good distribution of age, making it a great spot for anyone. This is a student city, so nearly 20% of the population are in their 20s, but if you want to meet someone of different age, then you have a good shot at the regular singles events that are held across the city. Speed dating for a mix of ages as well as regular LGBTQ+ focused speed dating, single socials, single quiz nights, and even single retreats.

26th. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the top cities for dating app downloads, with Tinder being the most popular. So, you can easily find someone to add your own addition to the ‘love lock’ bridge with. Locals report a direct approach to dating in Copenhagen – women are just as likely to be the first to approach someone and Danes are typically upfront about their feelings. This egalitarian society might have something to do with Copenhagen being the fifth happiest city in the world…

25th. Munich, Germany

The capital of Bavaria has one of the highest populations of single-person households in Germany, with just over 50% going solo. Add in the fact that Germans are the second-biggest Tinder users in Europe, there are regular singles events for a mix of sexual orientations, and fun nightlife, and Munich becomes a great place for singles.

24th. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is home to a growing expat community, fascinating history, beautiful castles, and buzzing nightlife. Throw in the fact it’s one of the most affordable cities in Europe and you’ve got a pretty good place for singles. Choice of app? Badoo reigns supreme here, but Tinder is still extremely popular with Hungary having the 12th highest Tinder usage in Europe. 

best european cities single people

23rd. Vienna, Austria

Not only is Vienna one of the most romantic cities in Europe, but it’s also one of the best cities in Europe for single people. Almost half of the residents in Vienna are single, there are at least five regular events for singletons, and a fairly equal mix of ages, so you have a good shot at starring in your own version of Before Sunrise. 

22nd. Riga, Latvia

If you’re a particular fan of women, you’ll love Riga – there’s 55.5% of women, one of the highest women-to-men ratios in the world. It’s also one of the most affordable cities in Europe, so with great bars, a growing incline of singletons, beautiful scenery, and wonderful museums, a date is always fun in Latvia’s capital.

best cities europe single people

21st. Bristol, England

With 47% of the city’s population officially single, Bristol is one of the best cities in Europe for single people. This student city has a high percentage of people in their 20s (21.75%), but there’s still plenty of opportunity for those that aren’t looking in that age range. You could start off by going to one of the seven (that we know of…) regular speed dating ages, catering to a mix of ages and preferences. 

20th. Athens, Greece

Not only is Athens a hub of buzzing social life, with a huge cafe and nightlife scene, but it’s also the most flirtatious city in the world. We’re sold. And while locals here do use Tinder and a mix of other dating apps, the choice of app here is Instagram. Other than apps, most Athenians prefer to meet in person and when around half of the Greek population are single, you’ll easily be able to test out that famous flirting.

19th. Brussels, Belgium

The nightlife in Brussels is relaxed and slightly quieter than other European cities, but there are still plenty of places to meet a partner, including regular speed dating events. And Brussels is a good spot for youngins, the average age here is 37.5 while the rest of the country is 41.9.

18th. Helsinki, Finland 

Helsinki was named one of the best dating cities by Tinder and with 49.3% of the population living on their own, it’s a great city for meeting your match. And to make this city even more attractive to singles, it’s the number one happiest city in the world! It is, however, a lot less affordable than other cities, but with scenery this beautiful that you take in hand-in-hand with your new beau, you might not even notice.

17th. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Locals say that the dating scene in Amsterdam is vibrant, which makes sense considering it’s one of the most popular cities on Tinder. But if you’re getting fatigued with dating apps, you have options. There are several bars across the city hosting speed dating events for a range of ages and sexual orientations. Great singles events, a steadily increasing singles population, and an open attitude to relationships and sex make Amsterdam one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

16th. Glasgow, Scotland

Sound the klaxon – Glasgow is THE most Tinder-addicted city in the UK! And even if dating apps aren’t your thing, you’ve got at least seven regular speed dating events to find your match. Throw a singles population of 49.2% and a sprawling nightlife scene, and you’ve got yourself one of the best dating cities in Europe.

15th. Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the most romantic cities in the world, with cobblestone streets lined with orange trees. The home of flamenco is a great choice for singles. Spaniards are spontaneous, affectionate, and romantic, so don’t be surprised if you get swept up in a whirlwind romance. There is a good distribution of ages in Seville, but those aged 40 – 59 will particularly like it here – that age group makes up over 30% of the population. 

14th. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva has the accolade of being the seventh-most Super Liked™ city on Tinder. A largely multicultural population makes it easy to meet people from all sorts of different countries and cultures. The nightlife might be more compact than in other cities, but there are still plenty of clubs and bars to meet someone. Or, you could take your chances at one of the city’s regular speed dating nights.

13th. Dublin, Ireland

You’ll certainly have the luck of the Irish when it comes to dating in Dublin. Not only is it one of the happiest cities in the world, but it’s also one of the top Tinder cities in Europe. If you prefer to meet people in person, Dublin has at least six regular speed dating events for a mix of ages. Add that to the city’s buzzing nightlife (nearly 20 venues per 100,000 people) and you’ve got one of the best cities in Europe for single people. 

12th. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is an incredible city. With a population of over 15 million people (although people believe it to be higher), there’s plenty of opportunity to meet someone new. Throw in over 400 nightlife venues, loads to do, and countless expat groups, and you’re onto a winner. It scores extra points for being very affordable for visitors. It also places sixth in the world for the most Instagram users – slide into those DMs!

11th. Rome, Italy

The beautiful Italian city of Rome came in eighth place in a Badoo survey of the world’s most flirtatious cities. Maybe it’s the fact that just under 40% of the population is single, or maybe it’s due to the fact that Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world. Badoo also happens to be the dating app of choice for singletons in Italy, so a date is surely on the cards. The nightlife in Rome is slightly more relaxed than in other European cities, but nothing screams romance more than a glass of wine with a view of the Colosseum. 

best cities europe single people

10th. Oslo, Norway 

Norwegians love dating apps. It has some of the highest numbers of Tinder users in the world and 31% of people here say they’ve used them. Dining out is expensive in Oslo, but Norwegians love nature, so a barbecue or walk is a popular date idea. Like Denmark, Norway enjoys an egalitarian society – dating is an equal playing field here. Although, unlike most European countries, there are considerably more men than there are women – 105 men per 100 women aged 20 – 39. But if you like men, then it’s great news for you!

9th. Lisbon, Portugal

Looking for love? Lisbon is the place to be. It’s considerably more affordable than other cities in the region, there are countless things to do, a growing population, buzzing nightlife, and it holds the number one spot on Nomad List’s top Tinder cities in Europe. It comes as no surprise that Lisbon is fast becoming one of the most popular cities in Europe.

8th. Stockholm, Sweden

A promising 34% of Swedes use dating apps to find love, so singles in Stockholm can easily find a match. It’s also one of the top-rated Tinder cities in Europe. So, it comes as no surprise that Tinder is the most popular app of choice here, followed by local dating site Mötesplatsen. Locals highly rate the quality of life here, contributing to Stockholm landing in the top 10 happiest cities in the world. An equal distribution of ages, a wonderful selection of interesting museums (ABBA museum, anyone?), and a good cafe and bar scene make Sweden’s buzzy capital a great choice for singles.

7th. Manchester, England

Calling all singletons – Manchester has the highest percentage of singles in the UK with 55% going solo! It also has one of the UK’s highest concentrations of nightlife venues per square mile, so plenty of opportunities to find your match on a night out. Or, you could go along to one of the city’s single events and speed dating nights – there are at least ten!

6th. Paris, France

The City of Love is proudly a great place for singles. Paris has earned its nickname for a reason, being one of the most romantic cities in the world. There are over 51% of singletons in the city – over 1 million people that you could be strolling down the Seine with. Paris is the second most popular city on Tinder, but French-born Happn and Badoo are also hugely popular in France. If you want a change from dating apps, there are also lots of meet-ups for singles across the city.

5th. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most affordable cities in Europe, so no matter your budget, a fun date night is always on the cards. Plus, Prague has the highest amount of pubs and bars per person in the world – a double win for singles. The cherry on top? 75% of Czechs say they’ve used dating apps with Badoo being the most popular choice.

4th. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital is an incredible city for singles. Lots to do, a lively nightlife, a growing population, and an equal distribution of ages. Badoo is the most popular dating app in Spain, but there are a number of speed dating events if you want to meet people in person. Female engagement on dating apps is also the highest in Madrid, which might have something to do with Madrid’s high concentration of women – 53.4%. Men looking for love should hotfoot it here!

3rd. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s open attitude to sex and relationships make it one of the best cities for singles in Europe, where over 51% of the population is single. There are endless opportunities to find love – singletons can go along to vegan events, speed dating for artists, speed dating to find a serious/long-term relationship, and so on. The single events in Berlin also cater to religions, ages, and sexual orientations. So if you’re not finding The One at one of the city’s 4,500 (!) bars and clubs, then there are many other ways to meet someone in this pulsating city. As if that wasn’t enough, Berlin’s population grows by 40,000 people annually. 

2nd. London, England

London is seriously a mecca for singles. There are so many single events, including wine tasting, chocolate masterclass speed dating, dating for vegans, dating in the dark, singles games night, pub quizzes, fitness classes – it’s impressive! If you prefer to start a conversation with someone in the comfort of your own home, you’re in the right place – London is the No.1 best city in the world when it comes to dating apps, according to Tinder.

London has got so good at dating apps that it’s come up with its own – Thursday. The app only works on a (you guessed it) Thursday. If someone is interested in you, they have to move quickly or your profile will disappear forever. And as an added bonus, Thursday is considered the best night to go out for singles. It might not be as affordable as other European cities, but it’s undeniably an exciting city to date.

1st. Barcelona, Spain

Coming in as the number one city for singles in Europe is Barcelona! Considering the coastal city is such a popular holiday destination, it comes as no surprise that it’s the ninth most popular city in Europe for Tinder Passport users. This is where users change their location before they arrive at their destination, to swipe through locals in advance.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the nightlife, huge population, and singles events are sure to take your fancy. There are several clubs that host single nights, bars that host tantra slow dancing, and speed dating events across ages and sexual orientations. There’s even – a free online network. It links users to other dating sites, maximising chances of finding The One while letting users in on groups, meet-ups, and so on.

best european cities single people

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