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The 7 most important things to look out for – BA



The 7 most important things to look out for – Big 7 Travel

Low and slow travel, staycations, workcations, wellness and walking: these are the most important travel trends to look out for in 2022.

Top travel trends in 2022

1. Low suspension travel

People will still be nervous about flying and opt for ‘low travel’: transport close to the ground. Road, train and ferry travel will all be popular. These modes of transport allow travelers to physically distance themselves more than on airplanes. They can open windows, get fresh air and exercise more. Ferries also allow people to bring their own car, so they can enjoy a road trip and not have to use public transport or rent a car. Speaking of which, renting a car will become more expensive in 2022 due to the global microchip shortage, which will make the supply of new vehicles very tight. Prices will rise due to high demand and low inventory.

2. Residential holidays

Many people have realized that exploring their country can be just as rewarding as a foreign holiday, and less stressful too. Add to that ongoing travel restrictions, countries closed to tourists and the uncertainty surrounding international travel and staycations will remain a popular holiday option in 2022. But instead of visiting the holiday hotspots, holidaymakers will seek out less crowded places and head to the coast. and countryside. Staycations also allow people to take their furry family members on vacation. With many pandemic pooches looking to vacation, more and more accommodation options are becoming pet-friendly – ​​a new travel trend for 2022.

3. 3G travel

3G travel stands for travel of three generations. One of the top travel trends in 2022 will be multi-generational travel, with children, parents and grandparents all holidaying together. Many families will have been separated for a long time – more than two years for some – so 2022 will see many reunion holidays where the extended family can get together and spend quality time together. This also leads to another trend, that of the rental of villas and cottages, especially those with private swimming pools. This type of self-contained accommodation provides space for the whole family to holiday together, without the need for connecting rooms, and reduces contact with other holidaymakers, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Travel trends for 2022: the 7 most important things to look out for

4. Travel slowly

For those with pent-up wanderlust, long-distance travel will be very tempting. However, trips will be for a longer period of time and travel will be slower as vacationers want to enjoy their destination as much as possible. People will want to connect with, get under the skin of, and fully immerse themselves in the places they visit. They will slow down and go to fewer places on a trip. People will travel more meaningfully and consciously than ever before. So instead of rushing to check everything off a list of things to do, traveling will become more about how you do things and less about how many things you do.

5. Bleisure travel

Bleisure trips are a mix of business trips and leisure trips. We used to associate this type of travel with young ‘digital nomads’, but now it is becoming a trend among people of all ages in many different sectors. Bleisure travelers are people who extend work trips into mini vacations or take a business trip with friends and/or family tagging along or joining the traveler when the work portion of their trip is over. Now that work is becoming much more flexible, traveling in Bleisure is accessible to many more people. This travel trend will grow and become even more popular in 2022 as remote work becomes more common. We will undoubtedly hear the term ‘workcation’ a lot more often in the next twelve months.

6. Walking holidays

Over the past 19 months, many people have taken up walking and running as part of their daily exercise regime and in mental health care. As a result, many people have discovered or rediscovered their love for the outdoors. This trend is already finding its way into the travel world with a This year, interest in walking holidays has increased, and they seem poised for greater popularity in 2022. Walking holidays are a great way to immerse yourself in a destination and a great way to avoid crowds. From hiking in Italy, trekking to Mount Everest base camp, hiking the Inca Trail to self-guided tours, the outdoor revolution looks set to be a new top travel trend in 2022.

travel trends we should pay attention to in 2022

7. Well-being

Over the past 19 months, self-care and wellness have been a priority and necessity for many. This is a trend that will continue in 2022 as people look for vacations where they can relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Sales and downloads of wellness, yoga and mindfulness apps and online classes boomed during the pandemic and now that these can be taken offline and enjoyed in person, these are the types of holidays that many will be booking. Spa hotels, relaxation and yoga retreats, fitness and camps – trips that increase the feeling of well-being will be big businesses in 2022.

Travel trends for 2022