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The Nashville Police Department is trying to increase the number of female recruits by lowering standards




The Nashville Police Department is trying to increase the number of female recruits by lowering standards

Screenshot/WSMV 4

Metro Nashville police want more female officers.

In fact, it wants its police force to be made up of almost a third of women.

To achieve this goal, the department is now reducing its physical and eligibility requirements.

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Nashville Police: Making changes to house more women

Nashville Metro Police is making changes to get more women on the force.

Something some might call a “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” movement, better known as DEI.

WMF 4 reports“According to Commander Tiffany Gibson, Metro’s first female training director at the Metro Police Department Training Academy, women will make up 11% of the MNPD by 2023.”

“As of February 2024, Commander Gibson said MNPD figures showed women made up 13% of the total police force in the metro, closer to the 30% goal,” the story said.

The story continued (emphasis added):

Nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers, more flexible schedules and physical test adjustments are among the changes MNPD has implemented to attract new recruits, especially women. That’s in addition to their already paid maternity and sick leave, according to Commander Gibson…

All changes are intended to attract MNPD trainees like Kaitlyn Dalena.

“It’s a male-dominated profession,” Dalena said, “so women are afraid to take that step, maybe because they think they can’t do it, but you can do it if you have the right mentality.”

Dalena is one of four women in her Police Training Academy class graduating in April. Both she and new agents like Emma Long say they hope the changes will lead to more women participating them on patrols and beyond.

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DEI lowers standards

It’s good to have more women in most areas, including law enforcement.

But should standards be lowered? What else could “physical test modification” mean?

It is one thing to value and promote diversity.

It is another thing entirely to potentially lower the quality of services provided – especially when it comes to something as important as policing.

And if this happens in Nashville, Tennessee, imagine what could happen in blue states like California?

The left always shouted ‘defund the police’. Now it seems they just want to reduce them.

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