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The Pixel Camera 9.4 update is gradually rolling out with new tweaks




The Pixel Camera 9.4 update is gradually rolling out with new tweaks

Google is rolling out a new Pixel Camera 9.4 update with new features and tweaks for select devices like the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel Fold. While the update is part of the Pixel Feature Drop, it looks like the latest camera improvements are now being rolled out to users.

The Pixel Camera 9.4 update brings the Pro Lens Selection feature and improved HDR+ experience

Yesterday, 9to5Google reported that the Pixel Camera 9.4 update is rolling out to select users. To start with the latest update adds the ability to manually select a lens on the Pixel 6/7 Pro and Pixel Fold. While you may think this isn’t the biggest improvement, it provides clarity when choosing a specific lens to shoot with. The Pixel Camera 9.4 update lets you choose from one of three lens settings options, including UW (Ultra-Wide), W (Wide), and T (Telephoto).

You’ll find the Lens Selection option on a new “Pro” tab right next to the “General” tab. When you select Pro mode, the zoom pill above the camera shutter displays three new lens options: “UW, W, and T.” Because new lens options replace the zoom pill in manual mode, you’ll need to pinch to zoom in/out.

Pixel camera lens selection function
Image credit: 9to5Google

The Pixel Camera 9.4 update takes this further improvement to HDR+ Improved frame selection. This means your Pixel phone can detect the best moment of your photo in HDR+, so you get more photos with a smiling face and open eyes.

The latest update also includes changes to the RAW/JPEG selector

Additionally, you will notice some changes regarding RAW and JPEG photo settings. For example, the RAW/JPEG selector is moved to the Pro tab, usually found in Settings > Advanced. This ultimately makes switching much easier if you want to edit the photo later. Not to forget, you won’t find the resolution preference like you would in Google Pixel 8 Pro.

All in all, the Pixel Camera 9.4 update is slowly rolling out to users. So if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to access the new settings in the Pixel Camera app. It’s worth noting that you simply download the latest version of the Pixel Camera update won’t treat you to new features.

Therefore, you may want to purchase the June Pixel Feature Drop or wait for Google to make the update available via server-side updates. But one thing is certain. With the new improvements coming, you will later enjoy capturing moments with your Pixel device.