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The PlayStation Portal can now be used in more public Wi-Fi places




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The PlayStation Portal can now be used in more public Wi-Fi places, Sony’s PlayStation Portal makes it easy to play your PlayStation games almost anywhere, including public Wi-Fi locations. There’s only one problem with connecting to public Wi-Fi so you can enjoy your PS5 library at your fingertips: Wi-Fi networks that require an additional login to connect. Until now, this requirement for additional authentication would prevent the Portal from being active. But no longer.

Sony has confirmed that a new update has been sent to the PlayStation Portal that addresses this issue. In addition to this feature, Sony says that the new update also adds a number of other changes. This includes improved visual effects for touch controls and new battery information. The update for the PlayStation Portal releases on June 19. So make sure you turn it on tomorrow if you want the update right away.

PlayStation Portal now supports public Wi-Fi locations with additional login screens

If you’ve been to a hotel or an airport and ever tried to use the public Wi-Fi there, you’re probably aware of the extra login screens that pop up on these networks when you try to connect. Typically, you need to open a link asking you to log in by checking a box and clicking a connect button. The PlayStation Portal will now support these types of networks by letting users scan a QR code link with their phone.

You can then open the browser on your phone to complete that additional authentication. After doing this, your PlayStation Portal should connect to the network just fine. Of course, Sony still recommends using the Portal at home. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s your own personal Wi-Fi network, so you control your connection speed and reliability.

With that, you already know more or less how good the experience when streaming games from your PS5 should be. This is usually not the case with public WiFi. Not to mention the kind of congestion that can occur due to the number of people using the same network. Still, PlayStation Portal users will no doubt be happy to know that this updated support now exists.

Tracking battery life is now easier than ever

In addition to the new public W-Fi support, Sony is also adding a battery percentage meter to the battery indicator. After the update, you’ll be able to see how much battery life is left with a percentage instead of just a battery icon. This should allow users to get a better handle on how much battery they actually have left before they need to plug in the handheld.

One final small change the update adds is improved visual effects for the emulated touchpad. Now tapping the touchpad area will result in a short flash. As you swipe on it, the swipe direction line becomes visible.