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The Travel Club+ organizes the exclusive ‘First Class: Exploring the World Through Wine’ event



The Travel Club+ organizes the exclusive 'First Class: Exploring the World Through Wine' event

Imagine being whisked away to a dream vacation in Italy, simply by sipping a glass of fresh and fruity Prosecco.

That’s exactly the tailor-made experience that The Travel Club+’s loyal customers and special guests enjoyed at “First class: exploring the world through wine,” an intimate and exclusive wine tasting event held on May 31, 2024 at the flagship branch at Shangri-La Plaza, in collaboration with Elevaj Wine Experts.

Exploring wine destinations from the old and new world

Oly Ruiz, a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 expert, and host Jackie Go, with a WSET 2 certification from Elevaj Wine Experts, led the journey through the art of wine in popular regions such as Italy, France and the USA – where Napa Valley is home.

The wine tasting started in the Old World, with guests’ glasses filled with Prosecco, followed by a hearty Chianti, an incredible wine that pairs perfectly with food. France was the next stop, with a glass of the vibrant Provence Rosé, a crowd favorite, followed by the sweet and dessert-friendly Monbazillac. Guests also enjoyed wines from the New World, such as the versatile Chardonnay and the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ruiz shared a helpful tip on wine pairings, saying that the best food to pair with your destination’s wine is usually also the area’s local cuisine. If you want to embark on a culinary journey of your own, Ruiz also encourages you to include cities known for their wine production in your itineraries, as a unique way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Luggage from the same origin as the wines was also shown to guests, making them the perfect partner for culinary journeys. Italian brand Piquadro highlighted its lightweight PQ Lite suitcases, card wallets and other leather goods with palpable Italian craftsmanship. To represent France, sophisticated and stylish travel essentials from Delsey Paris were also present. For those looking for innovation and sustainability, Briggs & Riley from the United States was presented as the perfect travel companion.

Let taste guide your travels

One of the guests, Camille Gutierrez, said the experience gave her a deeper appreciation for wine. “This event was so informative and packed with learning opportunities,” she said.

“You have to find that specific wine made in that specific region or country to appreciate it more and immerse yourself in the local culture,” added event organizer Jackie Go.

So uncork your curiosity and plan your next trip with a newfound appreciation for the perfect travel companion: a well-paired glass of wine!

This event is co-presented by Briggs & Riley, Delsey Paris, Piquadro and Primer Group of Companies, in collaboration with Elevaj Wine Experts.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Styling by Neve, Travel Blue and Grazing Box MNL.

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