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The Trump Farm Bill is on the brink of extinction



The Trump Farm Bill is on the brink of extinction

Long definitions exist for the Farm Bill. Here are a few:

“In the United States, the Farm Bill is a sweeping, comprehensive bill that is the primary instrument of the federal government’s agricultural and food policy. Congress typically passes a new farm bill every five to six years. Congress shall make changes to provisions of the permanent law, reauthorize, amend, or repeal provisions of prior temporary farm laws, and propose new policy provisions for a limited time in the future.”

Or another:

“The Farm Bill is a huge, complex piece of legislation, and its path through Congress will be filled with twists and turns. We are following this journey closely and looking at how the proposed bills in the House and Senate will impact farmers, diners and residents of rural communities.”

In the coming months, reports will be updated on the latest news about the Farm Bill and its opportunities. Some provisions in the legislation relate to food safety.

House Ag Committee Chairman Glenn Thompson is defending his farm bill funding proposal to enact the legislation before Memorial Day.

“Anyone who criticizes our funding framework either doesn’t know the details or is being disingenuous,” he said.

Thompson, R-PA., also indicated he would include a scaled-back alternative to the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act in the farm bill. The EATS bill previously drew support from pork state lawmakers but opposition from many Democrats and states on Capitol Hill

He will also address Prop 12 within the farm bill, the EATS Act. “It will be very respectful of states’ rights and of states deciding within their borders what their agricultural practices are.”

Thompson said the chances are pretty good to get support from Democrats on the committee.

A $1.7 trillion farm bill must be completed by September, when the current bill expires.

Rep.’s colleague Thompson in the Senate, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-MI, is retiring at the end of this year.

The Farm Bill is renewed every five years. The current version was adopted in 2018

The bill includes 12 titles and a wide range of items; money can go to research, colleges and rural development, such as expanding broadband.

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