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These CES-enabled earbuds with built-in language translation are on sale now for $89.97




A pair of black translation headphones on a green and black background.

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Do you need premium earphones and translation support for your summer travels? The Mymanu CLIK S earbuds enhance your travel experience by offering real-time speech-to-speech translation in more than 37 languages. Get a pair for just $89.97 during a limited-time price drop.

These excellent earbuds have received accolades such as the Red Dot Design Award, and they have been featured at multiple CES technology events. They feature a highly versatile phrasebook and dictionary saver feature, which is essential for providing seamless translations to meet your needs on all your travels.

Mymanu’s CLIK S earbuds are tailored to your language requirements and provide customization for one-on-one or group conversations via voice and text translation. These earbuds intuitively capture your surroundings in real time, delivering fast, world-class translations and high-quality sound to every meeting or encounter while traveling around the world this summer.

These earbuds excel as personal translators and stand out as premium audio devices. Featuring Aptx-compatible technology for low latency, high audio quality and notification capabilities accessed via ambidextrous “CLIK” buttons, these compact earbuds add a versatile touch to your everyday life.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, these earbuds include Bluetooth 5.0, passive noise cancellation, privacy features, and customized location-based advertising. She improve productivity while discovering new places or interacting with locals. With up to 30 hours of battery life in the charging case, they fit easily in any bag or backpack. Furthermore, the ergonomic and water-resistant design ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

With several 5-star reviews under their belt, the earbuds are gaining popularity as a travel accessory.

Grab the Mymanu CLIK S: award-winning translation earbuds for just $89.97 (reg. $157) with no coupon code required.

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