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This European island offers free accommodation for hikers under 35



This European Island Is Offering Free Accommodation For Hikers Under 35

Hiking enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy theCammino Minerario of Santa Barbara”, a 500 km route on the beautiful island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean.

Cammino Minerario of Santa Barbara Foundation (CMSB) offers walkers under 35 three nights free. The main aim of CMSB is to promote other tourist offers instead of traditional beaches.

The offer is valid until June 15 and runs again between September 15 and December 31, when the hot summer months are over.

Why you should go

Having 3 nights of free accommodation may certainly get your attention, but that’s not the only reason why you should explore this route.

The trail is divided into 30 stages (16 km each) and takes a month to complete. So you have to be mentally prepared for the physical challenge.

According to Sardinia Tourism the walk is “offers spiritual nourishment that few comparable places can claim. Step by step, walking across the oldest terrain in Europe, you immerse yourself in the beautiful power of nature.

Along the path, you can visit a collection of ancient churches, walk the beautiful sand dunes of Piscinas, get lost in the beautiful oak forest of Marganai, travel the mule paths of the old miners and abandoned railway lines and be awed by the extraordinary sunsets over the Mediterranean.

How to participate

To take part in this adventure, you must register on the CMSB website to get a ‘hiker’s passport’. There is a membership fee of €5.

Participants will receive an email with three token vouchers to be used when booking accommodations along the walk.


You can choose from 24 accommodations that the CMSB is affiliated with, including some inns, campsites or B&Bs. In all cases breakfast is included!

Most accommodations cost around 25 euros.