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Trump is blowing a gasket as he realizes he will likely be convicted




Trump discusses Judge Merchan outside of court.

Trump blew a punch and launched into an angry tirade about the judge outside the courthouse after his mistrial was denied.

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Trump said:

Of which everyone saw what happened today. I don’t think we need to explain anything. I’m not allowed to do that anyway, because this judge is corrupt. He is a corrupt judge. This judge, what he did and what his judgment was is a disgrace. Everyone saw what happened today. He’s a corrupt judge and he’s totally conflicted and I need to get back on the campaign trail. I shouldn’t be here.

We are so innocent. There has never been anything like it. Read every analyst, legal analyst: I am innocent and I am being held in this court with a corrupt judge who is completely conflicted. Look at his conflict. It’s a shame for the city of New York, for the state of New York and for the country.


Trump was furious because he lost two motions in court. He lost a motion to exempt Stormy Daniels from the gag order, and then he lost a motion for a mistrial based on Daniels’ testimony about hitting the ex-president with a magazine.

Trump is outraged that he has no control over the narrative of what happens in the courtroom, but his whining about the judge comes across as the complaints of a defendant coming to terms with the fact that he is about to be convicted.

The former president and his lawyers appear to be paving the way for an appeal of his possible criminal conviction, and Trump’s tirade was one of the few moments in his comments on the trial that were not about his campaign, but about the fate that happened to him. could be waiting for him before the end of the month.

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