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Trump knows he will be convicted, so he is already claiming the jury is rigged




Trump hit with gag order in Manhattan criminal case.

Trump made the bizarre claim that Democrats will manipulate his jury in the Manhattan criminal trial.

This is what Trump posted on Truth Social:

‘They catch undercover liberal activists lying to the judge to get on the Trump jury,’ says Jesse Watters

Trump has tried to get around the silence order by reposting quotes from his supporters aimed at attacking others and saying things he shouldn’t.

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It appears that Donald Trump knows he will be convicted criminally in Manhattan, which is why he is already floating crazy conspiracy theories about the jury being rigged against him. We’ve all seen this dance before. If something is good for Trump, it’s the fairest and best thing ever. When something goes bad for Trump, it’s because things are rigged against him.

As Sarah Jones described, potential jurors undergo an extensive vetting and background process. If Trump had been awake during his criminal trial, he might already know this.

Trump knows he will most likely be convicted in Manhattan, so he is laying the groundwork to argue throughout the election campaign that his conviction is the byproduct of a rigged jury.

The trial has not yet started, but Donald Trump is making excuses for his possible conviction.

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