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Trump’s large crowd at the New Jersey rally marched toward him




Trump rally crowd walks out.

Trump grossly exaggerates the size of the crowd at his rally in New Jersey, but a bigger problem for Republicans is that much of the crowd has left the ex-president.

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USA Today’s Zac Anderson posted this video of what the scene looked like while Trump was still speaking:

More evidence of the missing crowd:

Video of the crowd leaving while Trump was still talking:

Trump and his campaign held their rally next to a music festival, so the question is how much of the crowd was there for Trump versus the people who were there on the beach and stopped by to see what was going on and then walked out.

The beach rally was another Trump gimmick to project the illusion of popularity.

A bigger problem for Trump and his party is that the Trump oldies tour can no longer hold an audience. Long gone are the days when tens of thousands of people were fascinated by Trump and stuck around until the end of his hours-long campaign speeches.

Trump is nearing his tenth season in national politics and things have gotten a bit boring, which is a bigger problem that both the ex-president and his party are willing to admit.

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