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What a total solar eclipse looks like from space




a shadow on earth's surface

Darkness, sunshine and crescent-shaped shadows: the 2024 total solar eclipse made for quite a spectacle. Here on Earth, millions of people witnessed the fascinating spectacle of the moon passing in front of the sun. But a select few people got the chance to experience the solar eclipse from a different perspective: space.

The current residents of the International Space Station looked not only at the actual solar eclipse, but also at what happened to the Earth when the eclipse occurred. In a video shared by NASA, you can see the ominous shadow of the moon sliding across the surface of our planet.

“I can hardly imagine any view being better than the one we have now, but if there is one, it’s from the space station,” NASA’s Earth-based livestream commentators noted.

North America will not experience another total solar eclipse until August 23, 2044.