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WhatsApp is undoing this small change that caused frustration




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WhatsApp has backtracked on a recent change that affected the capitalization of certain indicators in chats. More specifically, the company has changed the way “online” and “typing” appear while you’re chatting with someone. However, user reactions were far from positive.

Within chats, the indicators “online” and “typing” appear under the other party’s name. You can optionally hide when you are online through the privacy settings. Normally both are displayed with the first letter in lowercase. However, some users noticed it last week, ‘online’ and ‘typing’ now started with a capital letter.

While it seems like a fairly minor change, it wasn’t pleasant for the users who received it. After all, they have been used to seeing these indicators in a certain way for years. So even a small change like this can be noticeable and annoying. Even if it’s not the radical user interface overhaul the app has undergone.

The change in capitalization of ‘online’ and ‘typing’ frustrated WhatsApp users

Due to negative reactions from users, WhatsApp rolled back the change that affected the capitalization of ‘online’ and ‘typing’. Furthermore, a report from The independent indicates that it was a limited scope test. That is, it was not a huge change in all WhatsApp accounts, but in a small segment. It wasn’t even a permanent adjustment, as the company was prepared to back out if the test went wrong, as it did.

Now the users for whom the ‘online’ and ‘typing’ indicators were changed should have already restored the previous behavior in their app. It is worth noting that these types of indicators in multiple messaging apps usually start in lowercase letters. Popular services such as Messenger or Telegram, for example, do it this way. So while the change on WhatsApp may seem minor, it was relatively ‘disruptive’ in its own category.

Will the company attempt a similar change again in the future? Time will tell. But for now, users can rest easy. Even if it does happen, it doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon.