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Why Lindsie Chrisley was excluded from parents’ hearing




Why Lindsie Chrisley was excluded from parents' hearing

Savannah then told her side of the story and didn’t hold back, revealing that she isn’t the only Chrisley family member who doesn’t want anything to do with Lindsie.

“I definitely told her privately that she wasn’t allowed to attend. I told her that she wasn’t wanted, that my dad didn’t want her there and that he wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her,” Savannah recalled themselves, adding that their grandmother, Babysitter Faye Chrisleywhich sources told was “Worried” about the appeal hearing, conveyed the message to Lindsie.

“So I said all these things. I’m more than happy that I said them and it’s my parents’ call. They have the right to say who they want there and who they don’t,” Savannah continued.