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Will ‘The Conners’, ‘Walker’, ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ will be renewed or canceled




Will 'The Conners', 'Walker', 'Lopez vs.  Lopez' will be renewed or canceled

Some of the blood of this TV season has already been spilled — looking at you, “NCIS: Hawai’i” — but as we head toward upfront week, there are still a number of broadcasts “on the bubble.”

But with the networks turning to a diet of mostly stable franchises and fewer series pilots, there’s also less primetime schedule frenzy this year. The days before the previous week, which would normally mean a rapid fire few days of broadcast series renewal and cancellation announcements. But normal left the building long ago.

The broadcast network portion of the upfronts has been reduced so significantly from recent years that it barely resembles what it used to be. These days, most broadcast networks announce renewals and cancellations well before their actual presentations.

Take CBS, which has already announced its new fall and spring schedules, as well as all its renewals and cancellations. And NBC just announced another early renewal, this time for the multi-cam comedy “Night Court.”

For the series still awaiting their fate, here’s a look at what has the best chance of coming back – and what’s likely to be done after this season.


ABC has already renewed most of its scripted shows for next season, while the show ‘High Potential’ starring Kaitlin Olson will debut during the 2024-2025 season after it was originally ordered to series last year but was held due to the strikes . ABC has also given a straight-to-series order to a new medical drama from Ryan Murphy called “Dr. Odyssey” starring Joshua Jackson.

The only two shows still awaiting news from ABC are the single-cam comedy “Not Dead Yet,” starring Gina Rodriguez, and the multi-cam “The Conners.” According to sources, “Not Dead Yet” will likely be released after the second season, with the show not breaking through in the ratings. (Should “Not Dead Yet” just become “Dead,” ABC will at least still do business with Rodriguez through the new gamer “Lucky 13,” which she hosts.)

“The Conners,” ABC’s long-running “Roseanne” spinoff, is doing better in the ratings. Still, reports have already emerged that the show will end with a shortened seventh season – a possibility that sources have also confirmed. Variety. ABC declined comment.

ABC has just two pilots in the wings this year: the multicam comedies “Shifting Gears” starring Tim Allen and Kat Dennings and “Forgive & Forget” starring Ty Burrell. However, neither will shoot until after the advances.

The CW

The CW has all but abandoned all-original scripted programming, choosing to shift its focus to sports, unscripted shows and international co-productions/foreign imports. The network also has WWE’s weekly NXT show in its primetime lineup in the fall.

The three remaining shows from the previous CW regime are “All American,” “All American: Homecoming” and “Walker.” Of the three, sources say “All American” has the best chance of coming back for another season given its continued popularity. But even that is by no means a guarantee.

According to sources, “Walker” and “Homecoming” will likely be released after their current seasons, although neither will air their season finales until after the prelims. That fact may work against ‘Homecoming’, however, as The CW just announced that the show’s third season will debut on July 8, and airing a scripted series during the summer is never a good sign for renewal chances.


Fox technically has five shows awaiting word on new seasons, but for now there’s really only three. The dramas “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” and “The Cleaning Lady” and the animated comedy “The Great North” will air new seasons this spring, while “9-1-1: Lone Star” and “Accused” are on hold for now because their final seasons were delayed by the strikes. Neither of the last two shows have set a premiere date yet, so don’t expect any major decisions on their fates anytime soon.

Sources say “Great North,” “Alert” and “The Cleaning Lady” all look good to return. They’re helped by the fact that Fox’s live-action scripted offerings are limited at the moment, though the network does have the new shows “Doc” and “Rescue: Hi-Surf” debuting next season, as well as the animated comedy “Universal Basic Boys /The Hoagie Bros.” It’s also important to note that Fox will get two hours of primetime in October when WWE’s “SmackDown” leaves the broadcast network for its new home at USA Network.


NBC also only has two shows currently on the air: the multi-cams “Extended Family” and “Lopez vs. Lopez.” Both shows could go either way, but sources say “Extended Family” has the best chance of getting a renewal at this point.

The network still has the dramas “Brilliant Minds” (formerly “Dr. Wolf”) starring Zachary Quinto and “The Hunting Party,” as well as the comedy “St. Denis Medical” waiting in the wings from last year. They also have three pilots in the fray: “Suits: LA,” aimed at capitalizing on renewed interest in the USA Network show “Suits,” as well as “Happy Places” (starring Reba McEntire) and the drama “Grosse Pointe Garden Society .” It is expected that only “Happy Places” will be ready for a possible collection during the week.