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William Fan Berlin Spring 2025 Collection



There is no Berlin Fashion Week without William Fan. But while he has increasingly outdone himself in recent seasons with bigger and bigger shows and even more spectacular locations (Olympic Stadium, a subway tunnel, a television tower), this year the setting was relatively small. Over croissants and coffee, the designer served not only his new collection, but also his first fine jewelry in the gallery of the Chateau Royal hotel.

Jewelry needs proximity. On a classic catwalk it would have been completely lost,” Fan said as he explained the concept behind the design to guests. As the child of two gastronomes, Fan enjoyed Asian cuisine in his youth. Here, grains of rice, chopsticks and bowls served as blueprints for bracelets, rings and other jewelry made of silver and pure gold.

All around, on models and clothes rails, his new textile creations were also scrutinized. After his Off Duty collection for the fall, On Duty was the theme of this season. The idea was to create workwear that does not cater to the usual aesthetics of workwear, but still offers all the benefits necessary for everyday life. Fan’s designs have always been fluid and not restrictive in any way. But the upcoming summer pieces are so spacious that his customers might want to cycle to the office in them.

Pleated knitwear provides comfort, while high collars and layers provide the necessary insulation. Shirts are turned inside out, polos are worn over jackets and lapels are turned up. Everything looks like you got dressed in a hurry, took a quick look and decided to wear your look with pride. This attitude is reflected in all knitwear, jackets and tailored looks; Despite considerably less splendor, this collection looks just as nice as the previous ones.