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Witness tells House ethics committee that Matt Gaetz once paid her for sex




Witness tells House ethics committee that Matt Gaetz once paid her for sex

Witness tells House ethics committee that Matt Gaetz once paid her for sex, Recently, a woman came forward and told the House Ethics Committee that the Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz once paid her for sex during a drug-fueled party, has learned.

In a devastating development to come as the House of Representatives committee continues to investigate possible ethics violations against Gaetz, it was revealed that the committee interviewed at least six women attended parties with the Florida congressman over the course of the past decade.

Even more shocking were reports that the six women were shown Venmo payments they received from Gaetz and asked if those payments were for sexual activity.

That is the revelation shared by ABC news Wednesday morning in a shocking report on the House Ethics Committee’s ongoing investigation into the embattled Republican congressman.

According to the newspaper, nearly all of the House committee’s witnesses have been subpoenaed — or otherwise agreed to cooperate — in connection with the ongoing ethics investigation into Gaetz.

While some women claimed they were paid to attend sex and drug-related parties that Gaetz allegedly attended, one woman claimed that Gaetz paid her to have sex during at least one of the alleged parties.

Meanwhile, the House committee also announced on Tuesday that it has extended its term ongoing ethical research to record allegations that Gaetz engaged in sexual misconduct and illegal drug useaccepted inappropriate gifts and tried to obstruct government investigations into his conduct.

The committee reportedly subpoenaed Venmo to obtain Gaetz’s Venmo data.

The committee also reportedly subpoenaed the Justice Department to obtain data on its case now closed investigation into sex trafficking in Florida Congressman.

But the House Ethics Committee also announced it would drop its investigation into the allegations against Gaetz shared inappropriate images or videos in the House of Representatives, misused state identification information, converted campaign funds for personal use and accepted bribes or improper tips.

Gaetz addressed X ahead of the House committee’s announcements Tuesday to decry the issue ongoing ethical investigations in him.

He claimed that the ongoing ethics investigations “stemmed from lies designed solely to defame me” and indicated that the investigations would end with his “acquittal.”

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“Instead of working with me to ban Congress’ stock trading, the Ethics Commission is now opening new frivolous investigations,” Gaetz tweeted on Monday.

“They do this to avoid the obvious fact that every investigation into me ends the same way,” he added, “my exoneration.”

As for the mysterious Venmo payments to multiple women, Gaetz previously described them as “generosity toward ex-girlfriends.”

“Someone is trying to recategorize my generosity toward ex-girlfriends as something unpleasant,” he said about the Venmo issue earlier this year.