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‘Wonder Woman’ stunt double turned 83




'Wonder Woman' stunt double turned 83

Jeannie Epper, who was a stunt double for Lynda Carter on the original TV series “Wonder Woman” and performed stunts in many films and TV shows, died Sunday evening at her home in Simi Valley, California. She was 83.

Born in 1941, Epper performed stunts in more than 150 feature films such as ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’, ‘The Princess Diaries’, ‘Dood Bill: Vol. 2,” “Flight” and many more.

She was featured in Amanda Micheli’s 2004 documentary about stuntwomen, ‘Double Dare’. The film followed Epper and fellow stuntwoman Zoë Bell over several years of their stunt work.

Epper was a founding member of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures in 1968, becoming president of the association in 1999 and remaining an honorary member. She also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Taurus World Stunt Awards in 2007 and was the first woman selected for this honor.

In a Entertainment Weekly article from 2007 About Epper and her family of stunt performers, she was considered “the greatest stuntwoman who ever lived.”

Both her parents were professional stunt performers. Her father, John Epper, was a member of the Swiss cavalry and also a stuntman. He started in westerns, where Jeannie Epper got her first job at the age of nine and went on to become one of the first professional child stunt doubles. Her brothers, Gary and Tony Epper, both also served as stuntmen.

Jeannie Epper continued the family business of stunt performance as all three of her children, Eurlyne, Richard and Kurtis, served as stunt people.