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WoW’s naughtiest event is coming to Warcraft Rumble in Season 5




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Warcraft Rumble Season 5 is just around the corner and with it comes the naughtiest world event WoW has ever known: the Darkmoon Faire. If you’re a longtime WoW player, you know how fun the Darkmoon Faire event can be, and Blizzard is bringing some of that fun to Warcraft Rumble next season.

In addition to the Darkmoon Faire content, Season 5 also introduces a new mini, new emotes, and some other small fun events for players. Warcraft Rumble season 5 starts on April 17, which is next week. That means you still have some time to get through the Season 4 content you haven’t played yet. But more importantly, players can expect the new mini and emotes on April 17. Blizzard has that too the season schedule for dungeons and PvP.

On the first day of the new season’s launch, players will dive into the Blackfathom Deeps. PvP dungeons will change every few days to a week throughout the season, as Blizzard has updated PvP towers, enchantments, and modifiers to change more frequently. As for the new mini, this will be the Faerie Dragon. This is a flying elemental unit and is immune to poison, fire, stun, and slowing effects. It can also attack stealth enemies. So it could be a powerful mini to throw into your roster.

Darkmoon Faire will be coming to Warcraft Rumble later in Season 5

If you’re eager to experience what the Darkmoon Faire has to offer, you’ll have to wait a little longer than next week. It won’t arrive until later in season 5. Blizzard hasn’t given a specific launch date yet. Those who join when it releases can complete challenges for Darkmoon Faire tickets, which can be exchanged for rewards just like in the WoW version! You must have 40 characters or more to participate in the event, so make sure you meet that criteria before it launches.

Completed challenges can also reward you with tickets for yourself and your guild. So there is more incentive for players in a guild to participate. Players will want to spend any tickets they purchase before the event is over. Blizzard says they won’t be transferred. Instead, they are converted into Arclight Energy. In short, make sure you get the most out of the event before it ends.

Additionally, the Darkmoon Faire event rewards are set to a path system. You must choose your path and unlock the rewards at the beginning of that path to progress. You can scroll down and view the available paths. This way you can see which rewards you want most. There will be some too Darkmoon Faire Chaos Chests that appear, and these can have some unwanted effects. Like permanent polymorphs, spawning huge beasts, or increasing the cost of minis. Open these chests at your own risk.