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X removes the ability to hide check marks for premium users




X removes the ability to hide check marks for premium users

Last year, Elon Musk-owned social network X introduced a feature that allows paid users to hide their check marks from others. Now the company is sending notifications to users stating that the feature will be disappearing soon.

As with many decisions made by X, there is no definitive timeline on when the Hide Your Checkmark feature will disappear.

Last week, the company removed the section detailing how to hide the check marks feature from the X Premium support page before sending notifications to users. The feature was not available to the basic level of subscribers.

“As a Premium or Premium+ subscriber, you can choose to hide your checkmark in your account. The check mark will be hidden on your profile and messages. The check mark may still appear in some places, and some features may still show that you have an active subscription,” the description says.

Earlier this month, the social network started handing out blue check marks to influential users with more than 2,500 “verified” followers. The company has also started offering its Premium plan to these users and Premium+ plan to users with more than 5,000 verified followers.

Last year, Musk removed the old verification check mark after introducing a subscription program for it. However, the company soon reinstated the blue check mark for top accounts. Essentially, the verification program goes back to where it started: verifying notable people.