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54 Thoughts I Had About ‘The Idea of You’



The idea of ​​you, Michael Showalter’s rom-com starring Anne Hathaway as the divorced mother of a teenager and Nicholas Galitzine as the Harry Styles-coded boy band star she improbably falls for, is officially available on Prime Video this week. I highly recommend reading the original book on which the film is based, but still, there’s no harm in indulging in a slightly fluffy little cinematic adaptation. Below are (quite literally) every thought I had while watching The idea of ​​you:

  1. Hey, LA! I live (and laugh and love) there!
  2. The niceness of Anne Hathaway’s house pisses me off.
  3. Wow, Anne’s friend warning her about bears because this is a major danger when camping solo is all the rage among the “bears versus straight men.” conversation.
  4. Am I really supposed to believe that Anne has an adult teenage daughter? Not impossible, I guess, but really drop the skincare routine, Hathaway glam team!
  5. Okay, August Moon is the band du jour that Anne’s daughter’s friends love. I wonder if they will come later!
  6. Oh no, not an ex-husband’s new girlfriend with a big stupid hat! Truly an LA nightmare.
  7. Wow, Anne’s ex is Dan Egan Veep! Albeit with a gray beard, to show that time has passed.
  8. Wow, the new woman’s Coachella eye gems even piss me out.
  10. God, I love Anne’s huge sun hat. Very sexy mom over 40.
  11. Okay, Nicholas is the lead singer of August Moon, and there are clearly sparks flying between him and Anne.
  12. Anne working overtime to get her daughter to this concert reminds me of the time my dad joined the Nicki Minaj superfan mailing list to get “Pinkprint” tour tickets for me and my college friends. Parents: Sometimes they are extremely cool!
  13. Whoever came up with the placement of Nicholas’ tattoos deserves every accolade. (Unless these are his real tattoos? Hot, if so.)
  14. God, I’m so glad I’m not a teenager at Coachella.
  15. Seriously, just think about the sun exposure!
  16. Okay, I’m officially washed. To proceed.
  17. Anne’s “teenage daughter” is definitely played by an adult actress, IMO.
  18. Okay, I googled it and she’s 22. Not bad at all, compared to the actors The OC who were about 40 and played teenagers!
  19. The friend of Anne’s daughter who forgets her own name in the presence of her crush on the boy band is very recognizable.
  20. Wow, Anne’s job is owning a contemporary art gallery in Silver Lake? Go away, Charlotte York!
  21. Sorry, but this band sucks.
  22. Hey, it’s another big stupid hat! Real cinematic verisimilitude, because I can’t go through Sunset without seeing five of them, even in 2024.
  23. Oh damn, Nicholas half-dedicates a song to Anne! Sexy behavior, if you’re a little thirsty.
  24. Wow, there are some amazing divorcees at Anne’s birthday party.
  25. Hey, Nicholas is in Anne’s gallery!
  26. God, I want to be a consumer of visual arts.
  27. Wait, he’s buying all the sculpture? Sort of a boss move, in a Silver Lake soy boy way.
  28. Oops, he basically just buys everything in the gallery.
  29. I don’t know what I crave more: Nicholas’ earring or Anne’s perfectly choppy bangs.
  30. Someone inviting themselves into your car without giving you a chance to clean it first? Another LA nightmare.
  31. They’re headed to an art warehouse… guess where? Glendale! Remember how I said that specific neighborhood was where he is currently located? I am truly the real estate Cassandra of our time.
  32. I’m a little addicted to the sight of Nicholas Galitzine in a fluffy sweater.
  33. “Let’s go to my house – I’m going to make you a sandwich” is the sexiest thing anyone can say (to me anyway – it doesn’t hurt if it’s Anne Hathaway say it!).
  34. Fiona Apple’s placement on the soundtrack means everything to me.
  35. Seeing Anne Hathaway cry is like seeing my mother cry; Emotionally, I just can’t handle it.
  36. Okay, this sex scene goes really fast, TBH. Well, it’s not really a sex scene, more of a tortured kissing scene, but we like to see it!
  37. Anne drops her daughter off at camp, which I think frees her up for Sex With a Musician all summer, but we’ll probably find out.
  38. God, even the texting between Nicholas and Anne is hot.
  39. Okay, THAT was a sex scene, made even better by Nicholas ordering chicken fingers for room service immediately afterwards. What a man!
  40. Oh, she continues tour with him? Bad, indeed!
  41. PJ’s time!
  42. Nicholas Galitzine, I would be your “art consultant” in a heartbeat. DM me.
  43. I’m so sorry, but August Moon’s cringe factor actually makes me laugh.
  44. Frankly, it’s crazy that Anne would even hesitate to go with Nicholas to a French villa. Your daughter is at camp! Live a little!
  45. Oh no, the whole serenading Anne thing was a pre-planned bit, and she’s understandably angry.
  46. Daan van Veep is clearly jealous of Anne’s affair with Nicholas, and I can’t blame him.
  47. Oh shit, the new girlfriend is leaving him!
  48. Uh-oh, the news about Anne and Nicholas has hit the internet, which means I would totally blog about it in this alternate reality (sorry, Anne).
  49. One of these headlines about Anne just says, “HER???”. Brutal, but also: have they seen Anne Hathaway?
  50. “People hate happy women” is truly the slogan of the year.
  51. Aww, Anne’s daughter is being bullied And the fact that her crush is mean to her, all because her mother is finally having fun for once. Leave Anne alone, you mean teenagers!
  52. Anne breaks up with Nicholas because of her daughter, but clearly neither of them are happy about it.
  53. Well, that didn’t last long! Nicholas wants Anne to “look at this again in five years,” when her daughter is not in school, which seems unlikely. (The revisit part, not the finishing school part.)
  54. OMG, it’s five years later and they’re totally getting together! Again, unlikely, but I think it’s a rom-com.