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8 epic off-the-beaten-path places in Europe to visit in June 2024



8 epic off-the-beaten-path places in Europe to visit in June 2024

Summer is the best time to visit hidden gems that your friends and family have never heard of.

Traditional tourist hotspots such as London, Rome or Barcelona attract millions of travelers every year, sometimes making it impossible for real thrill seekers to enjoy the destinations.

Luckily, Europe is packed with amazing historic villages, secluded beaches and nature parks that aren’t yet overrun by tourists.

We’ve put together a list of 8 spectacular places full of history just waiting to be explored. Let’s see.

The hot springs of Saturnia, Italy

Simply put, the hot springs of Saturnia in Italy are out of this world.

Terme di Saturnia is a collection of natural pools surrounded by cypress trees, with a waterfall spouting hot geothermal water, infused with powerful healing properties. And you won’t believe it, but admission is free!

These Tuscan hot springs are incredibly photogenic and Instagram-worthy, but try to visit in the morning to avoid the June crowds.

If you visit early, you will see them covered in steam, creating a majestic view.

We recommend staying indoors for about two hours to fully relax your muscles. If you are sensitive to hot water, shorter dips are a good idea.

The town of Saturnia also offers delicious Italian restaurants.

Bonifacio, France

Bonifacio is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places you can visit in Corsica, France.

Located on the south side of the island, Bonifacio is an ancient walled city built on an impressive white cliff. Its privileged geographical location allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and red sunsets.

The city center can be described as a pleasant maze of narrow streets and hundreds of stairs. At the foot of the cliffs you will find three harbours, each with its own allure.

These are known locally as the pleasure, fishing and commercial harbour. The pleasure port has a marina full of restaurants with Mediterranean delicatessens, bars and traditional French cafes.

To visit, international travelers can fly to Figari-Sud Corse Airport with Air Corsica, British Airways, Swiss Air and Air France, among others. Taxis from the airport cost €50.

Sistelo, Portugal

7 best hidden gems in Portugal to visit in 2024

The special landscapes of ‘Little Portuguese Tibet’, declared a National Monument, will remind you of those in Tibet, Bali and even Machu Picchu.

Sistelo is a medieval village whose hiking trails are becoming increasingly popular among adventurers. We recommend taking the Sistelo Walkway route to visit the beautiful viewpoints.

The main tourist attractions are the parish church, the granaries, the castle house and the Sistelo River, which is perfect for braving the warm weather in June!

Most sights can be visited within a few hours. So extend your stay by packing a pair of hiking boots and exploring the beautiful trails.

It is a good idea to bring your own food and water, as the villagers are mainly devoted to agriculture and livestock farming. Tourism is still developing.

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia, Italy

This secluded white sand and pebble beach is located on the Gulf of Orosei and offers some of the most transparent waters found in the entire Mediterranean.

It is also known for a 143-meter-high peak that rises above the bay, making the place even more beautiful.

This cala can be reached on foot or by boat. If you choose the second option, you will embark on an exciting adventure, as you will have to swim to reach the shore. This is because this piece of heaven is protected and boats must stay 200 meters away from the beach.

Once on the Gulf you can also visit other spectacular nearby calas and beaches such as Cala Luna, Grotta del Bue Marino and Cala Mariolu.

June to October are the best months to visit as the Mediterranean is usually much calmer.

Elafonissi beach, Greece

Elafonissi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Crete. Although it can get quite busy in June, it is definitely worth a visit for the beautiful backdrop of juniper-studded mountains, crystal clear waters and strangely pink sand!

But don’t worry. Elafonissi beach is big enough to find the perfect spot to get a tan and relax without too much noise.

We recommend visiting around 9am to discover the exotic pink sand without too many people. You can also take the opportunity to visit a beautiful little lagoon at the beginning of the beach.

This beach is easily accessible by private car or bus. Guided tours are also an option. They include several hours on the beach, coffee and lunch.

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Ronda is a beautiful mountaintop town, located in the world famous arts center of Malaga.

Ronda dates back to the Celts and is one of the oldest cities in Spain. It was conquered around 712 AD and given the name Izna-Rand-Onda.

Head to this spectacular Spanish city and immerse yourself in history and art. Visit the ancient bridges and Roman baths and enjoy the famous charm of the Andalusian people.

Find your inspiration here, as important ‘romantic travelers’ such as Alexander Dumas, Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway once did in this European hidden gem.

Freudenberg, Germany

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Freudenberg is a small town where you can both relax and immerse yourself in authentic German culture.

This charming town is surrounded by mountains and features 100 miles of hiking trails. Freudenberg also offers opportunities for swimming, horse riding, swimming, fishing or sports such as badminton or tennis.

June to August are the best months to visit as the days are sunnier and the forests greener.

If you have some free time, visit the Museum of Technology to learn about the city’s industrial contributions.

Pro tip – Bring comfortable shoes, as most streets in the Old Town are made of cobblestone lanes and have uneven sidewalks that can make it difficult to deal with inappropriate footwear.

Telascica Nature Park, Croatia

You will be amazed by the dramatic vertical cliffs, turquoise waters and pristine islets of Telascica. This is a list of the best activities you can do here.

Visiting the lighthouse on the island of Sestrica Vela – To get here, you have to walk through an ancient, charming forest. Booking your trip in advance is mandatory.

Spotting monkeys – The population of these beautiful creatures is decreasing year by year, but it is still possible to spot them in the forest.

Educational routes – These routes are a fantastic way to spend a few hours learning the secrets of the park while being surrounded by incredible natural landscapes.

Underwater educational trail – If you liked the regular educational trails, don’t miss this one. Dive into Tripuljak Bay to see all its underwater wonders. The whole activity takes no longer than 30 minutes and the park can provide you with diving equipment for a fee.