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Businesses are uniting to increase voter turnout in Britain



Business groups, employers, and civil society organisations are joining forces to bolster voter turnout across the UK through the innovative Voter Registration Champions scheme launched by Citizens UK.

Business groups, employers and community organizations are joining forces to increase voter turnout in the UK through the innovative Voter Registration Champions programme, launched by Citizens UK. With approximately 8 million people currently not registered to vote, the initiative aims to raise awareness and facilitate participation in the democratic process.

Leading business associations, including the British Chambers of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Better Business Act, are rallying their collective members, representing almost 300,000 businesses across the country, to endorse and participate in the Voter Registration Champion Scheme. The goal is to equip employees with the necessary information on voter registration deadlines, identity requirements, and election day procedures, thereby encouraging active participation in elections.

National Voter Registration Day serves as a crucial reminder for citizens to ensure their voter registration status ahead of the upcoming elections. This joint effort is inspired by successful voter engagement campaigns in the United States, where corporate involvement has played a key role in increasing voter participation.

Jonathan Cox, deputy director at Citizens UK, highlighted the impact of business involvement in promoting voter engagement, saying: “The simple act of reminding your employees to register to vote, Informing them about the new voter identification rules and encouraging them to vote on Election Day will make a huge difference.”

Shevaun Haviland, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, highlighted the importance of local political decisions for businesses and communities in the UK, underlining the Chamber Network’s influential role in spreading awareness about voter registration and turnout.

Craig Beaumont, head of external affairs at the Federation of Small Businesses, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the crucial role of small business owners and the self-employed in shaping political outcomes. With members representing a significant portion of the voting population, the Federation uses its platform to encourage voter participation at both the local and national levels.

Chris Smallwood, owner of Anchor Removals and Storage in Greater Manchester, praised the initiative, becoming the first employer to be accredited as a Voter Registration Champion. Smallwood emphasized the importance of businesses in supporting and educating citizens about the importance of voting, pledging his company’s commitment to promoting voter registration and facilitating employee participation on Election Day.

Through collective efforts and grassroots involvement, businesses play a crucial role in promoting a more inclusive and participatory democracy in Britain.