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Colorado Democratic official Sheena Kadi is resigning as treasurer



Colorado Democratic official Sheena Kadi is resigning as treasurer

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Treasurer’s office has resigned, weeks after her sexual assault allegations against a state lawmaker were found not credible by a judge.

The office of Treasurer Dave Young, a Democrat, confirmed that Sheena Kadi was stepping down from her position effective Tuesday. Kadi was placed on paid administrative leave March 21 due to a personnel matter, Deputy State Treasurer Eric Rothaus said. He declined to provide details on what led to the furloughs or whether a review has been completed.

Kadi and the treasurer’s office did not publicly announce her departure, which was the first reported by Colorado Politics.

Kadi has been active in Democratic state politics for years and holds the position of Vice Chairman for Public Relations and Marketing for the Colorado Democratic Party. But party officials recently stripped her of her duties as a party official.

On March 18, JS and Colorado Public Radio reported that Denver County Court Judge Clarisse Gonzales denied Kadi’s request for a protective order against Democratic Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver during a February hearing. Kadi had publicly accused Herod of sexually abusing her in social media posts last year.

But the judge ruled that Kadi’s testimony was “incredible based on 100 percent of the facts alleged,” casting doubt on several allegations. Gonzales instead gave Herod a one-year protective order against Kadi, requiring her to stop posting about Herod on social media and to have no contact with Herod, including keeping a physical distance between them.

Kadi declined to comment on her dismissal from The Post. She told CPR in a text message that she “has not made any false claims.” In a written statement Kadi provided to The Post a week after the Denver court ruling became public, she alleged that the court believed lies from several witnesses and that fear of public retaliation “forces victims of sexual assault to suffer in silence ‘.

But Herod, who has denied all allegations against her, told The Post in March that the allegations against her were “extremely painful” and shocking, especially because she has always fought for victims of sexual abuse and harassment.

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Shad Murib had called for Kadi’s resignation from her state party position after the February ruling became public. When Kadi failed to do so, state party officials filed a complaint asking for her removal. A state party “controversy committee” was formed to deliberate. It conveyed recommendations to Murib in April, which he said he immediately accepted and implemented. They will remain in effect through April 30, 2027, he said.