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Donald Trump called out for hypocritically labeling CNN as ‘fake news’




Donald Trump called out for hypocritically labeling CNN as 'fake news'

Collins intervened, telling Acosta, “What’s happening right now, just for an update for everyone, is that David Pecker is back on the stand, he’s being questioned by Trump’s lawyers, and they’re clearly trying to undermine what the prosecutors have imposed. The idea that a conspiracy was hatched between Donald Trump and David Pecker to try to hurt his Republican rivals ahead of the 2016 campaign also emerges.”

“So the way they’re doing it now is they’re questioning him about Ben Carson and the stories that they had and that they published, implying that he had botched surgeries as a doctor,” she continued. And what they’re really trying to say is that this was something that was already available in other outlets. The National researcher was just recycling it.”

“So this is not just a plan by Donald Trump and David Pecker.”

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