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Donald Trump trashes ‘loser’ Lawrence O’Donnell during criminal trial




Donald Trump trashes 'loser' Lawrence O'Donnell during criminal trial

Donald Trump destroyed Lawrence O’Donnell this week after he got the MSNBC host at his criminal hush money trial in New York, has learned.

Trump took aim at O’Donnell on Tuesday evening, just hours after the ex-president’s trial for allegedly falsifying company records ended for the day.

According to Trump, O’Donnell “looked like s—” and was a “real loser.”

“I saw Ratings Challenged Lawrence O’Donnell, of MSDNC, at the courthouse today,” the embattled ex-president said wrote on Truth Social just before 11 p.m.

“I haven’t seen him in years,” Trump continued. “He looks like a…, a real loser!”

O’Donnell has been reporting on the criminal trial against Trump from the courtroom in Manhattan since last week. The MSNBC host recently claimed that Trump “stared at him” with a “crazy look” during another trial day earlier this month.

“As he walked past my position on the aisle, he decided he was going to stare at me with the sort of intimidating look that I’m sure he was hoping for, but he tried to put so much into it, anger, and hate, that it was just a crazy look,” O’Donnell recalled Friday.

O’Donnell continued, “It was just a silly sight, and I just smiled back at him slightly, hoping he could read my mind, which would have been if I had a question: How stupid does it feel that is your life ended up in this room this way?

“They have nothing about books and records or even anything that should have little connection with the case,” he continued. “It’s just a disaster for the prosecutor, for the Soros-backed prosecutor this year. It’s a disaster. This whole thing is just a disaster.”

“If you read the legal scholars, you will see – because they write about it – that they have never seen anything like this,” Trump concluded. “And me neither.”