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Floral Dresses In Summer Are The Contemporary Cliché We Love



Take the time to smell the flowers this summer. And wear them too. That is the feeling that the season evokes in all of us. As ordinary and expected as this summer staple may seem, it brings a fun take on style that fits perfectly with the playful vibe of the season. Floral dresses are like a blank canvas that can be customized to reflect your style sensibility, whatever that may be. From appliqués to all-over prints, style stars are encouraged to indulge in the whimsical charm they bring.

Photo: @moabudu/Instagram

There are two ways to wear floral dresses in the summer. One way is to play it safe, the other is to get the uniqueness out of the tradition. Oh, for fashion’s sake, go the second route. This season, you can use the vehicle whether you choose the breezy resort feel of relaxation or as a reminder of sexy femininity, whether you opt for a party girl, an office siren or an adventure queen aesthetic. with floral numbers to reach your destination in style.

Check out cool ways to wear floral dresses in summer…

#1. Workwear fantastic

7 ways to rock floral dresses this summer
Photo: @esianderson/Instagram

Floral dresses can be styled to match your office dress code. Choose a fitted option in a sturdy fabric such as Ankara and wear it with a crisp button-down shirt. For a more polished offering, consider a white shirt; it is attractive because it is ready for business.

#2. Pattern clash

Photo: @vanestylesr/Instagram

Clashing patterns are still an important part of print fashion. This summer, combine floral prints with abstract choices, but remember the proportions. African prints are very popular at the moment, so choose the one you like and combine it with flowers. You can also opt for floral and tie-dye options. Why choose one when you can combine the two into a sleek, pleated midi dress? Combine flowers and fond of prints fused with the contemporary cut-out detail.

#3. Floral summer dress

Photo: @tamumcpherson/Instagram

A sundress is beautiful, but can easily be overlooked. To brighten up the ensemble, focus on the color composition. Choose a striking shade from the flowers on your dress and emphasize it with accessories as an influencer Tamu McPherson did above. Although the dress is cute, the use of matching accessories is an undeniable level-up.

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#4. Layered mono sleeve

7 ways to rock floral dresses this summer
Photo: @ppoizn/Instagram

Wearing floral dresses in summer is a non-challenging move, but the silhouettes don’t have to be predictable. Think mono sleeves, cutouts, ruffles: the options are endless. Underline a layered number with bright summer colors and statement accessories, such as earrings and statement sunglasses.

Photo: @blairadiebee/Instagram


#5. Floral applications

Photo: @mathparadise/Instagram

In addition to prints, flowers have also turned into the fashionable rosette trend. A crochet dress or a sexy sheer number with an all-over rosette or a few infusions will attract attention. Flowers continue to win every summer, and as with any fashion trend, innovation is key, just like with this iteration. Play with bold floral concentrations or be graceful with some hand-embroidered floral appliqués.

7 ways to rock floral dresses this summer
Photo: @tamumcpherson/Instagram


#6. Bodycon flow

Photo: @amberdesiree/Instagram

Floral excellence can be etched with simplicity. Sometimes take a break from the glare and throw on a spaghetti strap floral bodycon dress to make an impression. Let the effortless make-up accentuate your figure, and the colorful prints humbly listen to the quirky look of the season. If you choose a simple cut, the flowers will be boldly expressed.

Photo: @doctoramira/Instagram

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#7. Mini rose

7 ways to rock floral dresses this summer
Photo: @afro_child/Instagram

A pink mini dress with a giant floral bow detail is a unique way to rock floral dresses in the summer. Wearing bright colors is the core of summer fashion. Combine the dress with accessories in lighter pink shades so that the dress stands out without being overshadowed. With such an offer you are guaranteed to be a lady in full bloom: the highlight of the season.

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