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Gabriel Guevara stars in the series ‘Mar Afuera’, by the Spanish atres player




Gabriel Guevara stars in the series 'Mar Afuera', by the Spanish atres player

Gabriel Guevara, the breakout star of Amazon Prime Video’s smash hit ‘My Fault’ (‘Culpa Mía’), will now lead Atresplayer’s new series ‘Mar afuera’. This project marks a major collaboration between Atresmedia TV and Beta Fiction Spain, adapting the great Italian series “Mare Fuori” (“The Sea Beyond”), which added 300,000 new subscribers to RAI Play when Season 3 launched, and sold to more than 20 territories.

The eight-episode series follows the life of Álvaro, played by Guevara, a young seventeen-year-old from an affluent background whose life spirals after an accident lands him in a juvenile detention center.

Amid the loss of his outside privileges and passions – such as his beloved piano – he is thrust into a new reality with the detention center’s diverse clientele. A reality that is hostile to him. Set against the backdrop of a seaside youth prison, the series explores themes of survival, sexuality and family as Álvaro and his peers cope with incarceration.

“Gabriel is one of the Spanish young actors with the greatest potential. We have already worked with him in another Atresplayer series, ‘Red Flags’, and now he will star in ‘Mar afuera’, says Montse García, fiction director at Atresmedia TV. “It represents a great challenge because he will bring to life a very complex character, Álvaro, who is crucial to this story.”

Atresplayer, a leading Spanish streaming platform known for its commitment to groundbreaking Spanish content, is gearing up to begin filming in May. With an excellent track record of producing award-winning series such as Los Javis “Veneno”, the much-discussed “Cardo” by Claudia Costafreda and Ana Rujas, and “The Gypsy Bride” by Malaga winner Paco Cabezas, Atresplayer wants to make another . hit with “Mar afuera.”

It joins a strong 2024 lineup, with “Mariliendre” created by Javier Ferreiro, “La sombra de la Tierra” co-produced with Fonte Films, and “Eva & Nicole” recently part of this month’s MipDrama showcase.

Guevara brings with him a fan base, evidenced by an enviable social media presence with over 6 million followers. His casting underlines Atresplayer’s continued commitment to fostering dynamic, young talent in its productions in hopes of reaching TV’s lost generation of teenage audiences.