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Gigi and Bella Hadid’s Father Mohamed Hadid Apologizes for Messages to Pro-Israel Congressman Ritchie Torres




Gigi and Bella Hadid's Father Mohamed Reportedly Sends Racist Messages to Pro-Israel Congressman Ritchie Torres

According to screenshots obtained by The New York PostHadid called Torres a “slave of the white people” in a series of direct messages sent from his verified Instagram account.

“You’re worse than the rats in the New York sewer system. They have bigger brains than you. Maybe you’ll get a job as a bouncer at a gay bar,” Hadid wrote. “Make sure you dress like KKK to hide that ugly gray-colored face of yours. I know about the Bronx,” he added.

“You are just an unusual black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC and looking for a payday of more than 500,000 euros,” he reportedly said in a message, referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby group.

In response, Torres shared The New York Post, “Whether it’s dehumanizing me as worse than the rats of the New York sewer system, or telling me to dress like the KKK to ‘hide that grizzled face of yours,’ Mr. Hadid has pretty much every racial insult hurled at me, even though he couldn’t call me. I the N-word.”

“That Mr. Hadid felt so comfortable demonizing and dehumanizing a black congressman reveals a tragic truth about our politics: If you are a person of color and pro-Israel, you are fair game for racist epithets.”