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Global Ascension Studios releases The Relentless Patriot nationwide on June 13




Global Ascension Studios releases The Relentless Patriot nationwide on June 13

Get ready for a weekend of patriotic celebration and artistic triumph! Global Ascension Studios is pleased to announce the nationwide special film premiere of their latest cinematic masterpiece, The Relentless Patriot, set to hit theaters on June 13th. This powerful documentary, directed by Christopher Martini and produced by Joshua Maccielloand Dan Caropreso, with executive producers Arthur Sarkissian and Frank Torchia, delves into the incredible journey of Scott LoBaido, an artist whose unwavering commitment to American values ​​has profoundly shaped the country’s cultural landscape.

Under the visionary leadership of President Joshua Macciello, Global Ascension Studios sets the stage for an unforgettable viewing experience. A dynamic entrepreneur, Macciello expertly manages day-to-day operations, forges vital financial partnerships and drives the studio’s global growth and expansion.

Meanwhile, Global Productions head Arthur Sarkissian brings his illustrious three-decade career to the table, with blockbuster hits like the Rush Hour franchise, While You Were Sleeping and Last Man Standing. Together they orchestrate a monumental release that promises to captivate audiences across the country.

Scott LoBaido, the heart and soul of The Relentless Patriot, has dedicated more than thirty years to creating art that celebrates the core of the American spirit. His iconic renditions of the American flag are a powerful tribute to those who fought for freedom. Through his vibrant and emotional artwork, LoBaido promotes a sense of unity and national pride that resonates deeply with people across the country.

The ruthless patriot offers an intimate and unfiltered look at LoBaido’s life as an activist and artist. Combining archive footage and candid interviews, the documentary reveals the passion and perseverance that drives him. Viewers will be taken on a journey through LoBaido’s achievements and struggles, where they will witness firsthand the man behind the art and his unyielding dedication to his beliefs.

Anticipation is mounting as audiences eagerly await the opportunity to honor LoBaido’s significant contributions to American culture. The film’s theatrical release promises to be an inspiring and emotional experience, attracting viewers from all corners of the country to celebrate the enduring spirit of patriotism.

Reflecting on the film’s upcoming release, Macciello said: “As we prepare to share The Relentless Patriot with audiences nationwide, we are reminded of the power of storytelling to inspire and unite. Scott LoBaido’s journey serves as a testament to the enduring values ​​that define us. As a nation, we invite viewers to join us on this cinematic journey of patriotism and pride on June 13.”

Don’t miss the special film premiere of The ruthless patriot on June 13, 2024. This moving display of artistry and patriotism is a must-see and provides a poignant reminder of the profound impact individuals like Scott LoBaido have on our society. Visit the Global Ascension Studios website today for more information and to reserve your tickets. Get ready to be inspired!